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Who Are We?

Who are ParkerBrand? It’s a good question, but certainly no mystery. We are a family business based in Louth, Lincolnshire. Our company puts family values into the heart of what we do. We’ve been in business long enough to know what counts these days in the age of web-based anonymity.

Family-run from the very start, we’re committed to genuine UK-based customer care and a very credible level of service that has established us as a genuine force within our sector. Aside from offering warranty-backed competitively priced equipment and machinery, we know it’s also down to the fact that our customers can call our Lincolnshire offices and speak to a human being. We use a lot of cutting-edge technology, but we know how to offer a service that customers of all ages can trust.

We’re based in Louth, Lincolnshire, which is gold standard farming territory with a strong tradition of working with the land. We know what works and what makes sense to give you intelligently designed and reliable machines for all your gardening, D.I.Y. and project needs. We’re not afraid of the workshop either; we’ve got a great design team with a great deal of collective expertise to draw from and channel into future products. Our regular customers will have seen our range expand over the last decade, and as we move forward, we shall continue to do so with a commitment to quality at an affordable price point.

The world is changing faster than ever, and it’s wise to respond. We are web-based because it makes sense. If you’ve been looking at our products, you will see the prices are some of the most competitive on the market, but why? It’s simple: we don’t have the overheads traditionally associated with retail.

We have a dedicated team operating from a central location focussed on shipping great quality machines and equipment across the U.K. and Western Europe with care and efficiency and taking care of our new and returning customers with some personal attention. Web-based we may be, robots we are not. ParkerBrand: making the mechanical human with minimum fuss and maximum utility

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Our machines are crafted and manufactured by ourselves. From design to dispatch, we're on top of our game. We have a broad range of tools, machines, and equipment, which means that you can undertake a wide variety of tasks and projects with confidence. We prefer a direct approach rather than the traditional structure of wholesalers and retailers, with the aim of bringing you a great product at a highly competitive price. We only supply online, doing away with all the costs traditionally associated with running outlets to guarantee that we always maintain that perfect price point for you. 

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We want you to enjoy using our products, and we know you will! A ton of time and thought has gone into them, so it's natural that we want you to get the best out of our machines, tools and equipment. Many firms declare they have 'great customer care'; it's easy to say that but far more challenging to achieve. Our established and dedicated customer care team provides comprehensive and reliable after-sales care. We know how important it is to you – and you're very important to us. With service levels to match the best, we're available on a dedicated phone line, or you can message us, and we'll get back to you promptly. Whether it's helping you choose the right product, technical advice, or assistance of any kind, our service is friendly and attentive, and we'll always ensure your needs are met.

arthur roff

United Kingdom

First class service, quick delivery. Excellent well made product, fantastic price which I highly recommend.

5 star

Michael Bogunovic


Excellent service, delivery to my home in France ahead of estimated time, will certainly do business with this company again.

5 star

Mark Davie

United Kingdom

An absolutely great buy. Very well made and instructions easy to follow. Very good quality and works so well!

5 star

Established and Knowledgeable

When it’s a family concern you know that we’re putting all we are into everything we do. Since we established the business in 2002 we’ve built on our industry experience year on year. You can rely on us to stay ahead of the game in order to bring you products that reflect your needs. Our expertise has consistently supplied you with products that exceed expectations in terms of quality and certainly price. What’s more, our design team certainly have plenty in store for the future so the smart eyes are on Parkerbrand.

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