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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • How to Fit the Spool & Three Tooth Blade

    How to Fit the Spool & Three Tooth Blade

    Back To Spool Some people say that a sign of ageing is not wanting to learn new skills.  That’s not me and that’s not the can-do you, is it? Both the ParkerBrand Brush-cutter and Multi-tool are two of our biggest selling machines. Utilise them to their full potential by re-threading the spool or by changing up from the spool to the three-toothed-blade. So here we are, learning something new; yep, it’s back to school – or should that be back to spool? Spool Fitting Read more...
  • All in Awe of the Auger

    All in Awe of the Auger

    Spring’s the thing! The ParkerBrand Earth Auger is a thing to behold too – it’s certainly a great time of the year to put them to one of our favourite tasks – tree planting. The ParkerBrand Auger is the go-to machine for fast and effective hole-boring for all types of fencing and post positioning. It's a great machine with a powerful 52cc two-stroke engine – so good it features on three Parker machines across our range. Take advantage of its true worthiness, you ca Read more...
  • Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

    Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

    High Standards in Every Respect We have had some great news at ParkerBrand. News that reassures both our customers and indeed ourselves, that our hard work and dedication to customers has been not only acknowledged but certified. This is by way of the fact that we are now an approved Primary Authority Partner with Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards. You can catch up with the full details here. What is a Primary Authority Partnership? Primary Authority was launc Read more...

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