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Monthly Archives: December 2020

  • PCS-6200 Chainsaw: P for Parker, P for Performance!

    PCS-6200 Chainsaw: P for Parker, P for Performance!

    A Classic Performance Saw Our PCS-6200 Chainsaw is affectionately known as The Beast down in the Tech workshop. For good reason too; as a chainsaw that thrives on hard work in a domestic setting, its 62CC engine is powerful, hungry and growls! But don't worry - it's well tamed! The point is that in a domestic range it's as large as you can get before you tip over into the professional arena. It has an some great safety features including the integrated anti-vibra Read more...
  • ParkerBrand: Properly Prepared for Challenges

    ParkerBrand: Properly Prepared for Challenges

    Fluid Situation Winter 2020/2021 was always going to be a challenge and we have worked hard to build resilience into our operations to be in a state of genuine preparedness. We have excellent communications with our delivery partners so that we can keep our fingers on the proverbial pulse. Our internal systems are robust and are monitored carefully by dedicatedstaff here in Louth, Lincolnshire. The combination of Covid-19 and Brexit has meant a time of unprecedented Read more...
  • Don't Bin your Waste in Haste!

    Don't Bin your Waste in Haste!

    Waste not, want not - and we're not being precious about it or getting on a soap box! We're reminding you that the green waste you produce when using our garden tools and machinery are natural resources that you can utilise in your garden. Compost: A Community Activity Loading garden waste into bags and going to municipal tip or recycling centre is a familiar Sunday morning task for many, ParkerBrand staff included. Gotta get rid of all that stuff after getting bu Read more...
  • ParkerBrand ARE Brexit Ready

    ParkerBrand ARE Brexit Ready

    Deal or no deal, the UK as a whole can expect change in January 2021, there is no question of it. Wandering into political opinion is not what we are here for - making sure our customers get the seamless ordering, delivery and after care that we have a great reputation for, certainly is. We value our customers no matter where they are. Although based in Louth, Lincolnshire we have consistently built our reputation and given the same great service no matter where our cu Read more...
  • Introducing Our NEW 28-CC 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

    Introducing Our NEW 28-CC 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

    Trigger a Storm Our new 28-cc Leaf Blower is much akin to our 26-cc model in both performance and ease of use, but you don't need to be Sherlock Homes to see the difference! The extra couple of CC's are a welcome addition - every bit of extra power is going to make the task that little bit swifter. At 1.1Hp and with a fan spinning at 7500rpm this machine will certainly be working hard and very effectively for you. You will be a storm at the push of a trigger! Rob Read more...
  • Connecting the Shafts on A ParkerBrand Multi-Tool and Brushcutter

    Connecting the Shafts on A ParkerBrand Multi-Tool and Brushcutter

    In this continuing mini-series of short films designed to aid our customers if they require it, we're focussing our attention on how to connect the shafts on your ParkerBrand PGBC-5200 or PGMT-5200 Multi-Tool. In this respect, they work in the same way. Of course this detailed and illustrated in your ParkerBrand manual that you will have received with you machine. If for any reason you don't have one (and if it's brand new it will certainly be in the box) don't wo Read more...
  • We Are Excellent and We'll Take Your Word For It!

    We Are Excellent and We'll Take Your Word For It!

    Trustpilot Reviews Having recently passed over five thousand reviews on the much respected review website Trustpilot with a rating of excellent our dedicated staff are all very pleased. We're a modest lot for sure, and definitely don't rest on our laurels but we're very thankful for your positive reviews. As a well established Online business we have, from the very beginning, embraced the legitimate democracy of the Internet. Anything else would be less than gen Read more...
  • Christmas Business Hours

    Christmas Business Hours

    We're Open For Business It may be the oddest Christmas any of us have ever looked forward to, but certainly we'd like to make it clear that we are open for business and ready to to serve new and loyal customers alike. You can order at any time from the website of course but we just wanted to assure you that we'll be dispatching with the same dedication and precision that you would expect from a progressive business that truly cares about its customers. Customer Read more...

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