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Monthly Archives: June 2021

  • Go Mow: Our Lawnmower Range

    Go Mow: Our Lawnmower Range

    Fresh Stock Now In Surprise and delight usually accompany the arrival of a ParkerBrand mower on the scene. For good reasons too: powerful, dynamic and well-made at a ferociously competitive price point they are, as one customer put it recently; “a lot of mower for the money!” Really, there should be no surprise at all.  ParkerBrand's rising reputation in the gardening sector is purely the result of understanding what customers need - the right product at the right pric Read more...
  • Heads Up!

    Heads Up!

    Heads Up! Here we look at the business end of the new versions of our 52-cc classics including news of handy additions that customers have  been calling for. Principally we start with looking at the modifications to two of our  most popular garden tools...... As Simple as A-B-C! As a matter of course, here at ParkerBrand we review aspects of our machines periodically for a number of reasons – the net effect being that our machines keep pace with changes to legislation, sa Read more...
  • The Importance of Preparation for Storage

    The Importance of Preparation for Storage

    Like the hard-pressed mammals that share our gardens and outdoor spaces, your two-stroke machine will need to ‘hibernate’  through the worst of the Winter!  Preparing your machine for storage is essential if you want it to work perfectly when spring arrives and there is work to be done. Here we look at our 52cc engine which you can find on a broad array of our gardening products from the PGBC Brush Cutter and PGMT Multi-tool to the hard working PGEA Auger.  It’s al Read more...

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