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Monthly Archives: July 2021

  • 52cc Engines: Hi-Tech New Spec

    52cc Engines: Hi-Tech New Spec

    NEW SPECIFICATION COILS PACKS FOR THE 52cc ENGINE Our 52cc engines are the driving force behind a wide variety of ParkerBrand machines - for good reason too. Simple, easy to maintain and a genuinely proven design, they perform very well.  We aren't the kind of folk to rest on our laurels and let things get stale though.  Therefore, any innovation that can introduced is welcome and certainly worth while. The tech team have switched-up a vital part and below you can find out Read more...
  • E-10 Petrol: Fine by us.

    E-10 Petrol: Fine by us.

    Summer 2021 Here in the UK the standard E-5 petrol that we have all be buying for some time now will be replaced with E-10 petrol this summer.  This very simply means that the petrol will contain 10% renewable ethanol as opposed to 5%. We do wish to assure you that the ParkerBrand range of petrol driven tools can be fuelled with this new petrol type.  It isn't a huge change, but it's certainly significant for the environment but not the utility of our range of machines.  Read more...
  • On a Water Metre? Use Our Water Saving Pressure Washers

    On a Water Metre? Use Our Water Saving Pressure Washers

    Save Twice on Both Water and Price Regular ParkerBrand customers know that we are always keen to offer the best price point possible. But you can save in other ways too. With both our popular ParkerBrand PEPW-2500 and ParkerBrand PEPW-2000 you'll be saving water as well as money.. It's an important factor to consider especially if your are one of the majority of people that are on a water metre. Water is, as we all know, one of our most valuable resources.  Managing it and c Read more...
  • Our New Brushcutter and Multi-Tool Manuals

    Our New Brushcutter and Multi-Tool Manuals

    Our All-New Manuals Our Graphic Design team have been working as hard as ever to produce a new manual for the recently updated PGBC-5200 Brush Cutters  There haven't been any dramatic changes to the tried tested and true brush cutter/trimmer as they are one of our most popular model. All we have really done is simplify the way that both the three toothed blade and the spool fit!  Our new manuals are comprehensive and certainly cover every aspect of the machine from poppin Read more...

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