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Monthly Archives: November 2021



    ALLOTMENTS: DIG FOR HEALTH,  HARMONY AND COMMUNITY The rise in popularity of the allotment garden has been steady for the last decade or so but dramatically increased, especially since so many people have given greater consideration to the benefits that gardening has in general.  Allotments are a simple extension of that, or an opportunity in their own right if you don't have a garden at all of course.  Applying for an allotment couldn't be easier. They are usually manag Read more...
  • Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

    Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

    NOT prime gardening time - but making sure you machinery is stored well is vital. As we move into late Autumn many machines that have done their service through out the active gardening months will be going into winter storage.  A bit like a lot of wildlife, they are going in to hibernation, ready to Spring into action in the new year. It's no big drama that's for sure, but like much in life, a simple action in forward planning reaps rewards - or at least means you'll g Read more...
  • A Short History of Shipping Containers

    A Short History of Shipping Containers

    The humble shipping container has played a huge part in our lives with barely any consideration as to its importance by most people.  From fruit to machine parts, Lego to lumber, to the PC you're reading this on; be sure it arrived on these shores in a shipping container. Amphorae from sunken trading vessels can be found on the Mediterranean seafloor Shipping and trade have combined deep into antiquity.  Whether it was  reed-boats moving goods along the Nile or saili Read more...


    Why won't ParkerBrand be taking part in a Black Friday sale? Because every day is Black Friday at Parkerbrand.  No, it's not a get out, it's actually true and reflects our pricing policy from the get-go. We offer VERY competitive pricing all the time. How come? When you buy from ParkerBrand, you're buying direct from the manufacturer, we don't supply 'middlemen' and as we're strictly e-commerce we don't have all the cost that come with running and staffing shops.  Every b Read more...
  • Mr Rotavator : Our NEW 52cc Mini Tiller

    Mr Rotavator : Our NEW 52cc Mini Tiller

    Expanding our application of the near legendary ParkerBrand 52cc engine into new areas has been fun for the design team. The new ParkerBrand PGTR-5200 rotavator is yet another perfect pairing of the reliable and the purposeful. Our steadfast engine that already features on five of our most popular machines, has really found it's place here.  Rotavating is motivating: the results will mean that your earth is ready for the next stage of activity and it's an exciting momen Read more...


    THE PARKERBRAND SUPER SIX Six is super-duper and it's the number we're a-buzz with.  That’s how many of our machines utilise our dynamic and durable 52-cc engine.  Literally proven in the field, the tried and tested 2HP engine is used on six machines in our gardening range.  We’re all for innovation but that comes from having strong foundations. The creativity comes from how we’ve applied it, the foundation is the sturdy two-stroke engine. Why choose a petrol-engin Read more...
  • Prime Mover: 2" and 3" Water Pumps - New Manual and Tips for Use

    Prime Mover: 2" and 3" Water Pumps - New Manual and Tips for Use

    Brand New Manuals for PPPW2000 and PPPW3000 ParkerBrand offer a range of water pumps which have become very popular over the last few years. We though that we'd take time to offer a wider view of these machines with some useful information that you may need to know before buying or indeed for when your pump arrives shiny and new! Although simple and straight forward enough, using a water pump does require some key points of method and we'll focus on those here too Read more...
  • PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

    PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

    Typhoon Tony, Cyclone Sally,  Hurricane Harry.... you too could earn your nick-name with the PBV-2600 three-in-one handheld blower. For a hand-held device it really is a powerful beast and has been even more popular this year than last; it's turning into a ParkerBrand classic.    We've recently updated the manual, admittedly it only has some slight changes with additional photographs to aid with assembling your machine but teh clearer the better - we know that you've got w Read more...

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