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Petrol Water Pumps: Top Tips For Perfect Use Of Our One-Inch, Two-inch and Three-inch Machines.

A petrol water pump isn't something that most of us are that familiar with using. However, ParkerBrand water pumps are pretty simple pieces of kit designed to do one job very effectively. As long as the instructions in the fully illustrated manual are followed you will be up and running and enjoy the benefits of a very hand bit of kit.

Pre-Set Up Requirements


Ensure that you have purchased suitable hoses for the pump. They must be the same size fittings i.e. 3-inch hose to 3-inch pump fitting. Using reducers and the like places too much pressure on the pump and are not recommended for use.

Intake Hose

Hard-walled or rigid intake pipes are essential for the optimum use of the pump. They are readily available in one, two and three-inch dimensions. Utilising these will will mean that the flow rate and therefore the overall performance will be perfect. They are readily available at well know DIY shops and local suppliers.

Delivery Hose

Delivery hoses should be the lay flat type and we do stock these in two-inch and three-inch sizes as we are able to dispatch these with our carriers. You are welcome to add these to your order. 1.5" hoses are not currently supplied by ParkerBrand. but, like the rigid intake hoses can be easily found at well-know DIT suppliers and outlets.


We are not permitted to send our machines pre-oiled through the delivery networks. You will require approx. 600ml of SAE-30 four stroke oil for the oil port. Again, if you wish to order this with your pump we shall ensure it is included in the box so you're ready to be up and running. Always ensure that the pump's engine always has a sufficient level of oil; it it doesn't the pump may well not start or will start and then cut out in order to protect itself. You can easily check teh level with teh dipstick on the oil port cap.


Our machines are E10 ready (the new petrol type with 10% ethanol) and have been for about 18 months. Ensure that you have a good level of petrol in the tank. If you know that you aren't going to use the pump for a while, remove it as the corrosive nature of petrol may take effect if standing unused for long periods.


The set up of your machine is clearly illustrated and noted in the manual, but often people are new to using water pumps and there are one or two tips that certainly help.

  • Ensure that both pumps are well fixed to the intake and discharge ports of the pumps as directed in the manual. This includes making sure that you have both sets of hoses well fixed with jubilee clips and the basket filter fitted into place as per the manual.
  • Our techies always seal them on with PTFE tape or saran wrap (cling film) in order to totally ensure that no air enters the system at all. If air is getting into the system it won't pump.
  • The pump chamber needs to be filled (primed) with water for the pump to initiate.
  • IMPORTANT: Ensure that the intake hose is also fully primed. As mentioned previously the pump must work in a vacuum in essence and priming both the pump and the intake hose ensure that this is in place.
  • Once initiated, the pump will take a short period to start pumping - this is expected and isn't cause for concern. Thereafter, you will see that these pumps are effective and have a high flow rate.

After Use

After use, be sure to fully drain the hoses and if space and time permit, dried before storage. For the water pump itself, it is thoroughly recommended to drain the main chamber of the pump from the plug in the lower portion of the tank - clearly shown in the manual. Doing so will give your pump the longevity that is expected.

You will receive a fully illustrated manual with our machine as you'd expect but if you'd like to share the manual with other users or you've mislaid it (or you've managed to get it wet!) you can download it here:

After Sales Care

We like to look after our customers - easy to say, harder to make sure you always do! We are as committed to providing a comprehensive after-sales care as a serious business should be. Should you need to contact us for advice, information or should you have an issue , you are very welcome to call us on 01507 499198 or contact us by email outside of office hours: [email protected]


Things get misplaced or even damaged in use or, over time, a small element of the engine might need to be replaced if you've given it plenty of hard work! Should you require spares we have them. As a responsible business we consider making these available an essential factor. You can find spares listed on the website this resource will help you to easily find what you need.

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