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Chainsaw Safety Check List

Most people's eyes widen when they see a petrol chainsaw started and revved. They are immediately reminded that it is a machine to be respected as clearly, used without care, vigilance and understanding things can quickly go wrong. No one wants that! That said, a properly maintained chainsaw used with forethought and a sensible approach all-round and they are some of the best labour saving machines ever invented!

No matter what brand of chainsaw that you are using being prepared is essential for safe working. Confident and sure moves come from preparation and like so much in life, being prepared makes the difference.

Free Downloadable and Printable Chainsaw Check List

Below you will find a check list that you can download and use as a check sheet before use in combination with the guidelines in your manufacturers manual. It's a handy sheet for you or even a group of people who may share a machine or gardening duties to check the essentials before your machine bursts into life!

Got a ParkerBrand Chainsaw?

If you do happen to have one of our saws you will be please to know that we fully support our machines with both after care during warranty and also thereafter. You can buy spares and accessories for all of our chainsaw as well as most machines and equipment that we supply.

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