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Choosing a Pressure Washer

Pressure Points:  A Guide to Buying A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have seen a real rise in popularity over the last ten years. Here at ParkerBrand they are definitely in demand.  Compact, powerful and water saving (an ever more important consideration) they are a real labour-saving machine that give great results. The market has responded to customer demands and there are now many models offering a broad range of options to the consumer.

Which one is for you?  There are some things you should consider.  You are bound to want to begin blasting away at the patio, bringing your car to a peerless shine or ridding outdoor areas of moss and lichens but here are a few things you should contemplate.

All about PSI?

Some people feel sure that the be-all and end-all of pressure washer purchase is the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) pressure that they deliver.  Clearly, it’s an important point when choosing your model but there are many other things that you should factor in before adding anything to the shopping cart!


Over half of all UK households are on water metres and that number is growing all the time.  Clearly having a water meter means that you pay more attention to the water that you use.  ParkerBrand Pressure Washers are very economical from this point of view. They use less water than a conventional hose set-up.

Water use with these machines is measured in Litres Per Minute (LPM). It really makes sense to understand the LPM of your machine.

Our hugely popular Petrol driven range proves the point.  The PPPW-2900 uses only 7LPM and even the powerful PPPW-3100 uses only around 9.5 LPM.  This measures up very well against a standard garden hose that uses 20LPM at a minimum under normal house hold pressure.

This means that you win both ways: lower bills as well as doing your part to help preserve a precious resource.

Butt, Barrel or Mains.

All pressure washers are at their optimum when working from normal mains pressure. However, some models, such as our PPPW-2900 do have the capacity to draw water from a water-butt or rainwater-barrel. You’ll need to buy an extension to the standard machine of course but you’ll have greater flexibility for supply. These is perfect for use away from a building or to utilise rainwater for specific tasks.

Electric vs. Petrol


A simple electric model requires very little maintenance. Compact and easy to store and transport they are at the lower range of PSI delivery.  For straight-forward domestic tasks like cleaning the car, abolishing patio grime or washing out overly-ripe wheelie bins.

Lighter than the petrol fuelled cousins, robust and easily stored the PEPW-510 and PEPW-310 will meet the demands of many a household to-do list. With a maximum PSI of 1,500 and 1,800 respectively they certainly aren’t at the back of the queue when it comes to out right power. You get 5m of insulated electrical cord on our machines – but remember you’re only restricted by the length of the extension lead that we’re positive you already have.


Petrol driven pressure washers are definitely a step up.  These machines are simple enough to run and really widen the scope in terms of utility.  With a total length of 8m in terms of hose, remember it’s the pump that does the work.  If you need to work at some distance from the outdoor tap simply extend the hose that supplies the pump. Easy peasey!

That huge boost in power when it comes to the ParkerBrand PPPW-2900 and PPPW-3100, means that you can shift seriously stubborn mosses and debris from concrete, bring a 4x4 back to a show-room shine or any number of jobs where serious dirt is an issue.

Petrol Pressure washers do need some maintenance though and it’s a good idea to get used to doing a few checks regularly – the handbooks always have this covered for you.  Investing a few minutes every now and again means you’ll be getting the best out of the machine for years.

Additions and Extras

Some washer can act as a booster for your garden hose (our ParkerBrand PEPW-510 and PEPW-310 do this for example) for which you clearly need no further equipment in order to help you water large spaces.  But what if you have other tasks?

Snow Foamer

These don’t produce snow of course but they do produce a luxurious foam that will mean that your car has never looked cleaner. Soaped up, cleaner to the core and rinsed with peerless precision these are cracking bits of kit. These can be considered an essential extra if the main job for your pressure washer is to be making sure that your car(s) are gleaming and on point.

Power Nozzle

These are perfect for areas where you have really worked in grime such as drive ways, slabbed areas and patios.  Could be that you’ve got vehicles that really do spend time off road. These are certainly designed specifically for the task of BLASTING the dirty away by boosting the strength of the flow.


So over-all these are the things that you should consider when it comes to getting hold of one of the best investments,you’ll make for caring for your outdoor areas and vehicles. Get right on it! There really are just so many uses. For example – do you know that ParkerBrand electric washers can be used to simply boost a hose pipe?  This means that you can reach the farther off parts of a garden without having to troop around on the wet grass? Once again, with a ParkerBrand pressure washer your water will go further – literally this time.

Follow Up

We have covered quite a bit here but if you have any more questions regarding ParkerBrand Pressure washers please do call us on 01507 499198.  You'll be able to chat with one of our guys who'll be able to offer even further advice.  We're based in Louth, Lincolnshire and that's where the phone rings! We're happy to talk your purchase over with you, it's second nature at ParkerBrand.  We can even process your order over the phone. No time for a phone call but still want to learn more - don't worry drop us an email and we'll be sure to respond.  Our rising reputation for excellent customer service is for a reason!

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