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ParkerBrand Chainsaw Crew

Meet The Crew - We've Got a Petrol Chainsaw For You!

Let's make is clear for anyone in doubt: we specialise in chainsaws and always have done. As our business has grown, our range has grown but our core products remain exactly that; at the centre of our business and never forgotten. A worthy mainstay as you might say and certainly still one of our most popular products by a long way. Full warrantied and with a reputation for quality at an aggressive price-point you won't be disappointed.

We've a wide choice with some very useful combinations. But if you are choosing a new saw for the first time a little guidance will go a long way. Our chainsaw product pages are well illustrated and informative - you can even download the manual on the literature tab or check to see if there any an associated films on our YouTube channel. More are slated for production in the future.

Safe and Sound

The distinctive buzzing of a Chainsaw brings to mind the fact that they are effective and if not used correctly potentially dangerous! It's a statement of the obvious really, but we wanted to draw attention to the fact that even at our very competitive prices you will receive a very safe machine.

It meets or exceed all ISO/EU/UK safety standards from components and emissions all the way to the business end. Our saws have some great features that we have incorporated to take that safety even further. Firstly, our anti-vibration system gives you better handling and safer use. Secondly, A quality fast-acting chain brake is thoughtfully positioned and designed to react swiftly. Furthermore, a strong, fixed-position bumper spike is provided giving you greater control of your cut. Over-all, the ergonomic and thoughtful design from ParkerBrand really does put you safely in control of your Chainsaw.

Let's take a look at the stable of sturdy saws that we are providing to our customers across the UK, Island of Ireland and western European states.

26cc Top Handled 10" Petrol Chainsaw

This saw is super popular and always has been. Light, highly manoeuvrable and a reliably brilliant flexible tool to work with. It's especially suitable for:

  • Pruning branches
  • Cutting up logs for wood burners/open fires
  • Shaping shrubs

We recommend using this with the 10" bar provided - it's perfectly balanced and a fine cutting tool that really is useful about the garden or allotment and for those that have log burners and open fires. A light chainsaw for those who need to get simple cutting jobs done and move on!

A perfect 'All rounder'- 45cc with 16" Bar

The ParkerBrand stable of chainsaws wouldn't be complete without our 45cc 16" steady-eddie of a saw. It is the true all-rounder, with a plenty of power and a bar size that gives flexibility to accomplish a wide variety of given tasks such as:

  • Pruning larger limbs
  • Cutting small to medium-sized logs
  • Dropping smaller trees and large shrubs
  • General gardening tasks about the garden.

We recommend a 16 inch bar but for sure and it comes as standard but should you wish to change it later for a larger bar and chain combination you can easily do so.

The Big Beast: 62cc

Let's cut to the chase: easily our most popular. It's rugged and mean and a seriously powerful workhorse that will get the tough stuff done. We design and make this powerful saw for the domestic market and it has never been more popular! It's at the limit of what can be called a domestic saw and it's all muscle but complete with the safety features that feature on all of our models. This saw is perfect for a a wide range of activities including tree felling, pruning, reducing large pieces of timber for further cutting into fire logs and plenty of things besides.

Most customers prefer the 20" bar and chain set to match the power of the saw but it's workhorses for courses so to speak! If you'd like it with an 18" chain and bar or a 16" bar and chain set, we'll happily for fulfil you order.

Just a Tweak: 58cc

Before we took it to the max by upping in to 62cc our 58cc was the largest that we offered. They are fundamentally the same saw with just a tweak really - the same reliability and no-nonsense safe approach to chain sawing.

The comparatively light and ergonomic body will give the kind of performance that will mean that you keep going back to this sturdy lively yet reliable saw. Once again you can order it with the three differ bar and chain sets; 16", 18" or the classic 20" - all at a very competitive price point and all ready to save you plenty of time and graft!

What Do You Get In The Box?

We dispatch quickly, you can be sure of that. When it arrives, no matter which option you select size-wise you will receive:

  • The body of the chainsaw you choose
  • Bar size that you select
  • Bar Cover
  • 2 free chains
  • A basic maintenance tool kit
  • Fuel mix bottle - for precise mixes at 25:1

Here you can and out more about each saw and what tasks it may be suitable for along with some other aspects to consider before buying. I hope that it's useful to you, but certainly you can call our Customer Care team if you'd like anything further - we honestly are there to help you! Many customers are pleased to know that we have Lincolnshire-based offices and a direct line to call. Let's meet the crew!

A Word on Oil

These are two-stroke machines so you can be sure that a quality two stroke mixed as instructed (using your handy, free fuel mix bottle) will mean that your saw works at it's optimum. However, as most know you do need chain oil too.

The chain rotates on the bar in very efficient manner to give a great cut - but you'll need chain oil to keep it lubricated. We heartily recommend our own oil here and first and foremost that's because it's the perfect viscosity for the oil pumps in ParkerBrand chainsaws. That's not a bit of pointless marketing - oils are freely and easily available - but simply a word to the wise and a general heads up to help you!

If you need to get going straight off the bat and will have petrol to hand - you can order your saw with the oils included and enjoy that bit of discount and forget any fuss when it arrives. People buying saws as gifts usually go for that option too!

Dispatch and Warranty

We've got in covered. A decade into on-line trading and we're ahead of the curve. Working with the best and most prominent courier brands, we keep tabs on your order from the off with our tech systems and know that we can rely on the chosen couriers to deliver - and we collect teh states to prove it and importantly carry on making sure that all is well.

Your two-year extended warranty is kept with us and should you ever need any advice the Customer Care Team will take care of you. Based here in Louth, Lincolnshire they know their onions - and saws! You can call on 01507 499198 during office hours or drop an email if you need us. You won't go unanswered! You can call the number to place your order too. We know that you are not just placing an order - you're placing your faith in us to and we have been in business for a decade, serving the UK and Western Europe for a very good reason: your faith in us isn't misplaced.

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