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In breaking news this evening ParkerBrand along with thousands of other UK companies were informed that our Courier partners are no longer shipping to the ISLAND OF IRELAND and the EUROPEAN MAINLAND. This will affect ParkerBrand and its customers in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

Unplanned, unprecedented and beyond ParkerBrand's control for the first time in our history, we shall not be able to fulfil orders to addresses in the aforementioned countries.

At present we have not been informed as to when we can begin expediting again. We use only the most effective international carriers on what are usually swift, safe and secure networks that normally give the results that we demand for our loyal customers.

If you are in the UK or follow UK news from abroad you will probably be aware this is a serious situation caused by the unique combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and the unplanned fall-out from the Brexit Trade Agreement signed by the Prime Minister at the end of 2020.


We're into solutions and not problems here at ParkerBrand. It's in our nature - it's usually applied to bringing you worthy solutions for your garden machinery, equipment and tool requirements. Here, we are being stretched somewhat, it has to be agreed.

We have genuine and close working relationships with our delivery partners as you would expect. We are working in tandem with them to keep up to date with unfolding events so that we can have a clear idea of when we can resume sending out your orders with our usual efficiency and speed. At present we can't guarantee the usual service levels until further notice.


It may be that your order has already been dispatched earlier this week and is in the system. Most items that are in the network will move if already at EU or Irish sorting hubs. We have already speedily informed customers who purchased very recently that we are not able to dispatch their order and as you would expect, have refunded them immediately.

Other customers have elected to wait - they know it is in the network, that our internal tracking systems are doing their job and the order will arrive with them eventually. You are welcome to contact our Customer Care Team if you'd like any further information in this respect either by phone during office hours or by email. If we can update you we shall be happy do so, we assure you. It may be that some data does take a while to update in already overwhelmed delivery networks.

For sure, as stated, we can't guarantee the usual service levels until further notice. We regret it is the case and we do not know at present exactly when they will be reinstated.


One thing that you CAN be sure of is that we are on-point when it comes to making sure that we get things flowing again. As soon as those networks are able to start processing our deliveries, we'll be at the front of the queue. We're on it, in short - our ardent professionalism and cool, calm and collected manner will prove to benefit our customers first.

Thank you for your understanding, it is honestly appreciated. We value our customers in the European Union and Northern Ireland a great deal and we'll be back with you soon.

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