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  • NEW ParkerBrand PPG-2800 Manual

    The ancient libraries of Alexandria, Rome and the Vatican. The British Library, Louth Junior Lending Library – all fine and legendary institutions spanning the breadth of known history.  What they haven’t got yet, or indeed never had, was a copy of the single most important tome in the annals of ParkerBrand so far.

    The PPG-2800 generator manual has been updated, expanded and over-hauled to such a degree that it surely wil

  • Choosing a Pressure Washer with ParkerBrand

    Pressure Points:  A Guide to Buying A Pressure Washer

    Pressure washers have seen a real rise in popularity over the last ten years. Here at ParkerBrand they are definitely in demand.  Compact, powerful and water saving (an ever more important consideration) they are a real labour-saving machine that give great results. The market has responded to customer demands and there are now many models offering a broad range of options to the c

  • As Good As The Sum Of Our Parts

    We all know the scenario:  you’ve bought a piece of kit, got it at a great price.  You get it bedded in and get some good use out of it for a couple of seasons. Then, you need a replacement part.  It’s like hide and seek on-line.  Big sigh.

    Can’t find the manufacturers contact number?  Perhaps you can but they aren’t picking up the phone or replying to your email?  Maybe they don’t stock spares?  We’ve heard all thi

  • Chainsaws: Size Matters!

    Chain sawing isn't boring! Don't get blinded by all the stats and bizarre facts.  Here at ParkerBrand we are all about cutting through the nonsense.  Making any kind of choice is difficult especially with all the information out there. It’s the same with saws.  We know you are an eager beaver and want to get eating up that wood, so here is our handy, useful buyers guide.  It will help make sure you get the right ParkerBrand chainsaw fo

  • All-new Manual for Telescopic Ladders

    All-new Manual for Telescopic Ladders

    Drum-roll! We are delighted to announce that the ALL-NEW operating manual for ALL of our telescopic ladders is now available on their respective product pages.


    Along with great service, safety is at the core of the ParkerBrand philosophy.  One of our designers, Zac, has started the year with something super-useful. Overhauled, re-written and full of important information for safe working practices this new manual covers every as

  • We now take phone orders!

    We now take phone orders!

    Let’s be clear, our website has never been better.  It’s super safe and fully optimised for speedy ordering complete with great product descriptions and clear, detailed photography so that you can really see what you are going to buy.

    Some customers like to call us when they have specific enquires or want to know more.  We welcome those calls and enjoy chatting with our customers.  Yes, really!  All of our team have a very sou

  • Happy New Year... We made it into 2019!


    We wanted to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR– new customers and regular customers alike. New Year’s resolutions can never be a bad thing of course (I am surprised that I am jogging into the second week though) but we are always aiming to improve.  Here at ParkerBrand we are certainly looking forward to continuing to give you products at a price point that sets us apart. Just as importantly we’ll continu

  • GDPR - Your Information - Your Safety!

    Data is a serious issue and you can rely on the fact that ParkerBrand are always on point. It’s a big responsibility and it’s a major part of our customer care charter.

    We spend time keeping our valued customers informed about what we DO and how we do it. We’ve built our excellent reputation for customer care and after sales service in such a way.  What we’d like to make clear is what we do NOT DO.  This is so that you know

  • Telescopic Ladders: Cut the Charlie Chaplin Antics!

    Telescopic Ladders: Cut the Charlie Chaplin Antics!

    What exactly is a telescopic ladder?

    Ahoy there, Captains!  Just like a telescope a telescopic ladder does what it says!  It folds down for easy transport and for storage. They are suitable for any job that would require a traditional rigid ladder only with far greater advantages.  Greater utility and more manoeuvrability is the focus here.

    How do they work?

    When extended upward from the bottom each section of the ladde

  • I.T.’s Where It’s At: Breathing New Life Into The Website

    I.T.’s Where It’s At: Breathing New Life Into The Website

    Our tech guys aren’t geeks at all, when they are not working their wizardry they are out kayaking and mountain biking.  Still, when they are as dedicated as our boys with their faces blazing white with screen burn, I suppose you’re going to offset it with some outdoor pursuits. Who wouldn’t?

    All that hard work, endeavour and know-how has been harnessed to bring new life to the web-site. In the end it’s our shop front and we l

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