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  • Consumer Rights - Where You Stand with Us

    Consumer Rights - Where You Stand with Us

    Whether you are shopping online or on the High Street, it’s clear that you are protected as a consumer. Any business worth its salt will also be adhering to the law in every respect. Why would you shop with a business that would do otherwise? True to form, ParkerBrand are of course on point in this regard – we want customers to know that we are a reliable and reputable company that puts its customers at the centre of its business. Nothing else makes sense. We never forg Read more...
  • ParkerBrand: We Deliver!

    ParkerBrand: We Deliver!

    PARKERBRAND DELIVERY: DIRECT FROM US TO YOU We know that when you’ve bought something on-line you want it to arrive quickly, safely and in perfect condition.  You’ve researched, read the lively product description, maybe even called our Service Team to ask a question.  You may even have ordered on the phone at that moment.  You may have ordered from the comfort of your sofa through our super simple ordering system on our website. No matter how you’ve ordered be sur Read more...
  • PEPW-310: Small is Beautiful

    PEPW-310: Small is Beautiful

    The ParkerBrand PEPW-310 Electric Pressure Washer is a sight to behold.  Huge oaks grow from acorns, and surprising things come in small packages - it’s certainly the case with our PEPW-310 Electric Pressure washer. Small, easily stored and effective. It's a big deal at low cost. You’ll be stunned by how much this light yet sturdy machine can achieve for you.  No boasting we’re just rightly proud of the 1,600 PSI that this machine operates at.  That's 110 BAR of pres Read more...
  • Seasonal Change

    Seasonal Change

    Where ever you are, we hope you had a fantastic summer. It was a classic over here in Lincolnshire.  Well, apart from that time the boss gave everyone food poisoning at the staff barbecue. Or even our designer drifting to within 12 miles of the Dutch coast asleep in his dinghy and the dispatch team discovering that if you put a packet of mints into a bottle of pop you get a massive erupting fountain. Japes and scrapes aside, It was super hectic too though. Our PGMT-5200 Mul Read more...
  • Life Hacks for the ParkerBrand Leaf Blowers

    Life Hacks for the ParkerBrand Leaf Blowers

    There’s more than one way to get something done, as it always was. These days they just give it a different name. Hacking isn’t just about computers apparently – ‘life hacks’ are a new way to say being inventive and resourceful and that’s second nature here at Parker Towers. We’ve got a few ‘hacks’ of our own that you could try with either of our leaf blowers. Try these useful ways of pushing the boundaries with your leaf blower: CAR DRIER Both models are Read more...
  • Leaf Blowers: All You Need to Know

    Leaf Blowers: All You Need to Know

    LEAFY BUSINESS: A STORM ON YOUR BACK OR RIGHT IN YOUR HAND With the shift in the season and windier weather you’re bound to see your neck of the woods disappearing under drifts of leaves. It could be looking chaotic pretty quickly out there.  Here at ParkerBrand we’re in the business of making tasks easier for you.  At this time of the year that starts with both the PBLB-6500-B and the PBV-2600 leaf blowers. Our established reputation from design to delivery has been Read more...
  • 5 in 1 Multi-Tool: Adapt and Overcome with ParkerBrand

    5 in 1 Multi-Tool: Adapt and Overcome with ParkerBrand

    ADAPT AND OVERCOME Being ready to respond to any situation is one of the great skills in life isn’t it? Just as you would expect from one of the UK’s biggest domestic machinery specialists, ParkerBrand are more than ready to help you to be prepared and ready for anything. If you’re going to be on-point with a broad range of situations in your slice of Eden, whether it’s a suburban garden or a larger plot. Perhaps even an allotment you’re keeping, tidy and easy on Read more...
  • How to Fit the Spool & Three Tooth Blade

    How to Fit the Spool & Three Tooth Blade

    Back To Spool Some people say that a sign of ageing is not wanting to learn new skills.  That’s not me and that’s not the can-do you, is it? Both the ParkerBrand Brush-cutter and Multi-tool are two of our biggest selling machines. Utilise them to their full potential by re-threading the spool or by changing up from the spool to the three-toothed-blade. So here we are, learning something new; yep, it’s back to school – or should that be back to spool? Spool Fitting Read more...
  • All in Awe of the Auger

    All in Awe of the Auger

    Spring’s the thing! The ParkerBrand Earth Auger is a thing to behold too – it’s certainly a great time of the year to put them to one of our favourite tasks – tree planting. The ParkerBrand Auger is the go-to machine for fast and effective hole-boring for all types of fencing and post positioning. It's a great machine with a powerful 52cc two-stroke engine – so good it features on three Parker machines across our range. Take advantage of its true worthiness, you ca Read more...
  • Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

    Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

    High Standards in Every Respect We have had some great news at ParkerBrand. News that reassures both our customers and indeed ourselves, that our hard work and dedication to customers has been not only acknowledged but certified. This is by way of the fact that we are now an approved Primary Authority Partner with Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards. You can catch up with the full details here. What is a Primary Authority Partnership? Primary Authority was launc Read more...

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