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  • ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 : Maintenance Tip: Greasing

    ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 : Maintenance Tip: Greasing

    Workhorse of a Machine If you don't know it already from your diligent pre-purchase research you can take our word for it - your Multi-Tool is a true, tried and tested machine that will quickly become your go-to gardening essential. Tough and more than up to the task, your multi-tool uses our 52cc engine that has an established reputation. We use it on five of our machines - it's one of the ParkerBrand Famous Five - and it's durability and ease of use has establish Read more...
  • ParkerBrand: Some of the Best Machines for Your Allotment

    ParkerBrand: Some of the Best Machines for Your Allotment

    A Tool for All Seasons Allotments are finally the last word in cool!  A new generation has been captured by the pleasure of gardening and producing their own fruit and vegetables.  It’s something the older generation already knew of course and there’s lots of advice being passed back and forth.  We've learnt from customers that ParkerBrand have had more than a few mentions. We like it when customers are recommended by people who are already using and Read more...
  • We're Big Fans - You will be too!

    We're Big Fans - You will be too!

    New visitors to our website are often struck by the range of equipment that we stock and ship all over the UK and Western Europe. True to form, we have expanded our range once again to include these powerful, well-designed and durable fans that have taken off very quickly - we knew that we were fans but it seems you are too! They are a breath of fresh air for sure, giving you a reliable solution to drying and ventilation requirements. They are purpose-built for a broa Read more...
  • Low Profile Jacks: Raise your Game

    Low Profile Jacks: Raise your Game

    We are pleased to announce our new batch of Low-Profile trolley jacks have arrived and  we’ve never been happier with these garage essentials. We’ve got a feeling, given the feedback that we’ve had, that you’ll be very pleased when you place your order for one with us. We know that a lot of you are finding more time than ever to work in your garages at home. We’ve got to do something in these restricted times, right? We’ve spoken to customers who have a Read more...
  • Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are you a Battery Human? Our family business headquarters is based in Louth, Lincolnshire.  Known as the capital of the Wolds it’s at the very heart of the northern part of Lincolnshire so long famed for its farming and livestock. Many of our farming friends know that the best examples of their livestock are reared in the open fields, free to roam. Here at ParkerBrand, freedom isn’t just a buzz word, it’s at the heart of our core values. Freedom to choose, freedom Read more...
  • Getting Started: Our 52 cc Engine

    Getting Started: Our 52 cc Engine

    You’ve checked out descriptions on our website, you may have even examined the manual for your machine in advance (look under the ‘Literature’ tab on the product page) and you’ve placed your order. For sure we’ve dispatch quickly. Perhaps you ordered before 2pm on a week day, and we’ve dispatched the same day. And here it is, shinning and ready to go! Like any new machine it pays dividends to get to know your machine.  Reading the manual is essential.& Read more...
  • Russel Up a Storm: Get Prepared for Autumn 2020.

    Russel Up a Storm: Get Prepared for Autumn 2020.

    Russel up a storm with a ParkerBrand leaf blower. Compact, durable and easy to use the best leaf blower that we can muster has been thoughtfully designed by the team here at ParkerBrand for optimum performance and results that match. Get prepared for the whipping winds of Autumn with a gale that YOU can control.  All elements of the design make for comfortable use and reliability and a neat, tidy garden that will leave you smiling without breaking a sweat. There are s Read more...
  • Silently Does It: ParkerBrand Oil-less Air compressors

    Silently Does It: ParkerBrand Oil-less Air compressors

    Oil-less compressors offer a handy alternative to, you guessed it, oiled machines - but where are the differences?  As in life, there are pros and cons with each depending on how you view it.   Our design team are pretty eagle eyed when it comes to trends and innovation.  We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel here at Parker Towers, but we are thinking about, and looking for, those innovations and tweaks to machines and equipment that give our loyal customers bette Read more...
  • Our PPG-3750 is powerful and portable. You win.

    Our PPG-3750 is powerful and portable. You win.

    Independence!  Getting your remote power solution sorted has never been easier with ParkerBrand. Having the ability to power tools and equipment independent of a power source is what many people call for - and these days more than ever before. Our team have designed probably the best generator that you can buy at this price point and we are very happy with the result and we’re sure that you will be too. We know that the four-stroke 210cc 7HP air-cooled engine is Read more...
  • The ParkerBrand Famous Five

    The ParkerBrand Famous Five

    THE PARKERBRAND FAMOUS FIVE FIVE is the magic number.  That’s how many of our machines utilise our dynamic and durable 52-cc engine.  Literally proven in the field, the tried and tested 2HP Engine is used on five machines in our gardening range.  We’re all for innovation but that comes from having strong foundations. The creativity comes from how we’ve applied it, the foundation is the sturdy two-stroke engine. Why choose a Petrol engine garden too Read more...

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