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  • How to Fit the Spool & Three Tooth Blade

    How to Fit the Spool & Three Tooth Blade

    Back To Spool

    Some people say that a sign of ageing is not wanting to learn new skills.  That’s not me and that’s not the can-do you, is it? Both the ParkerBrand Brush-cutter and Multi-tool are two of our biggest selling machines. Utilise them to their full potential by re-threading the spool or by changing up from the spool to the three-toothed-blade.

    So here we are, learning something new; yep, it’s back to school –

  • All in Awe of the Auger

    All in Awe of the Auger

    Spring’s the thing! The ParkerBrand Earth Auger is a thing to behold too – it’s certainly a great time of the year to put them to one of our favourite tasks – tree planting. The ParkerBrand Auger is the go-to machine for fast and effective hole-boring for all types of fencing and post positioning. It's a great machine with a powerful 52cc two-stroke engine – so good it features on three Parker machines across our range.


  • Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

    Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

    High Standards in Every Respect

    We have had some great news at ParkerBrand. News that reassures both our customers and indeed ourselves, that our hard work and dedication to customers has been not only acknowledged but certified. This is by way of the fact that we are now an approved Primary Authority Partner with Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards. You can catch up with the full details here.

    What is a Primary Aut

  • ParkerBrand: Brexit Ready

    ParkerBrand: Brexit Ready

    March the 29th is a significant date for the UK as we are sure you already know, unless you’ve been on the dark side of the moon. It may even have been preferable. At present this is the date that we shall be leaving the E.U.

    The shifting situation and speculations have been a worrying time for many businesses across Europe and clearly most of all here in the UK.

    Our business is responsive and flexible at all levels and we ar

  • All New Lawnmower Manuals

    All New Lawnmower Manuals

    Mow me down with a feather!  The already super-popular ParkerBrand PPLM mower range all have new manuals!  Starting with the 21 inch self propelled model, it now comes complete with an all new manual. You can find it here. From assembly to set-up, to maintenance checks and advice the manual is fully illustrated and and wonderfully clear.  That's the same for the 18-inch self propelled model too, which you can find here. The baby of the b

  • PGMT-5200 / PGBC-5200: Cutting Nature Some Slack

    PGMT-5200 / PGBC-5200: Cutting Nature Some Slack

    Your new ParkerBrand PGBC5200 Brushcutter is certainly a powerful machine with the capability of clearing neglected garden areas that might have become over grown or dealing with areas of lawn that have become unkempt or overgrown. You’ll soon be able to lick it into shape.

    The trimmer wire will be able to reliably deal with the grasses of course and you can easily change over to the tough three toothed-blade to get through the thicke

  • PPG-2800 - New User Manual

    PPG-2800 - New User Manual

    The ancient libraries of Alexandria, Rome and the Vatican. The British Library, Louth Junior Lending Library – all fine and legendary institutions spanning the breadth of known history.  What they haven’t got yet, or indeed never had, was a copy of the single most important tome in the annals of ParkerBrand so far.

    The PPG-2800 generator manual has been updated, expanded and over-hauled to such a degree that it surely wil

  • Choosing a Pressure Washer

    Choosing a Pressure Washer

    Pressure Points:  A Guide to Buying A Pressure Washer

    Pressure washers have seen a real rise in popularity over the last ten years. Here at ParkerBrand they are definitely in demand.  Compact, powerful and water saving (an ever more important consideration) they are a real labour-saving machine that give great results. The market has responded to customer demands and there are now many models offering a broad range of options to the c

  • As Good As The Sum Of Our Parts

    As Good As The Sum Of Our Parts

    We all know the scenario:  you’ve bought a piece of kit, got it at a great price.  You get it bedded in and get some good use out of it for a couple of seasons. Then, you need a replacement part.  It’s like hide and seek on-line.  Big sigh.

    Can’t find the manufacturers contact number?  Perhaps you can but they aren’t picking up the phone or replying to your email?  Maybe they don’t stock spares?  We’ve heard all thi

  • Chainsaws: Size Matters!

    Chainsaws: Size Matters!

    Chain sawing isn't boring! Don't get blinded by all the stats and bizarre facts.  Here at ParkerBrand we are all about cutting through the nonsense.  Making any kind of choice is difficult especially with all the information out there. It’s the same with saws.  We know you are an eager beaver and want to get eating up that wood, so here is our handy, useful buyers guide.  It will help make sure you get the right ParkerBrand chainsaw fo

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