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  • ParkerBrand 17" Mowers: How to Set up For Mulching or Collection

    ParkerBrand 17" Mowers: How to Set up For Mulching or Collection

    ParkerBrand 17" Mowers: How to Set up For Mulching or Collection Whether you have opted for the hand-push or self-drive version of our 17-inch mowers, you're in possession of a machine that will do the business. We're big fans of mulching, the natural process of nourishing your lawn with its own trimmings. You can also apply mulch to your flower beds to feed the soil and suppress weeds. However, we understand that mulching is not to be done every time! Your mower's c Read more...
  • Fuel Up: ParkerBrand Portable Fuel Pumps and Tanks

    Fuel Up: ParkerBrand Portable Fuel Pumps and Tanks

    ParkerBrand are certainly experienced in providing fuel transfer equipment having done so for over a decade. Over that time our range has expanded to the broad range that we can offer our customers today.  Our very first pump kit, our 12-volt portable diesel transfer kit, is still available, as its popularity has endured. We then moved on to offering a 24-volt version and, shortly after that, introduced the super-popular 230-volt wall-mounted versions.  We have ad Read more...
  • It's No Wind up: ParkerBrand Winches are the Business

    It's No Wind up: ParkerBrand Winches are the Business

    ParkerBrand winches have been popular with customers for a range of applications. Most find their way to a four-wheel-drive vehicle for leisure use, woodland management, and even an adventure playground.  They have also been popular with those who need to transfer boats on and off trailers. We even had one customer using them to operate a hillside pulley system in his steep back garden. Well made, warranted, and fiercely priced, we know we will see many more of our&nb Read more...
  • Lawnmowers: Self Drive vs. Hand Push

    Lawnmowers: Self Drive vs. Hand Push

    Choosing a lawnmower doesn't seem too difficult, but for sure, when you get down to the details, it can seem overwhelming to some. As we have a dedicated customer care phone number (01507 499198), customers are calling to discuss choosing the most suitable machine. Recently, we have had plenty of enquiries from customers deciding between our 17-inch mowers, including our new hand-push PPLM-17150-HD and self-drive versions PPLM -17150-SD./ A Fresh Design Read more...
  • Keep Your ParkerBrand Product Box!

    Keep Your ParkerBrand Product Box!

    Purchasing a ParkerBrand product is a decision you make with confidence, backed by the reputation for quality and reliability that the brand has built over the years. While ParkerBrand products are designed to offer exceptional performance and longevity, there might be instances where you need to return or exchange your item. In such cases, holding onto the original product box can prove to be invaluable.  Our ParkerBrand products are renowned for their durability and Read more...
  • ParkerBrand Work Benches

    ParkerBrand Work Benches

    ParkerBrand is well known for our DIY tools and equipment. Seamless ordering and fast delivery are standard, adding to the fact that we have many very satisfied customers over the years. We are on point no matter what you order. But we are not resting on our laurels, as the saying goes, and we are happy to continue as we always have: responding to and taking care of our customers. Our DIY tools and equipment range are very popular, with the PTS-250 Table Saw leading the pa Read more...
  • Essentials: Fitting The Three-Toothed Blade

    Essentials: Fitting The Three-Toothed Blade

    We feature the three-toothed blade on different versions of our brush cutters. Whether it's a packback, a wheeled version, or one of our classic multi-tools, it will feature our hard-wearing three-toothed blade. It is designed to work hard cutting through scrub, thick clumps of grass, nettles, brambles, and the kind of overgrowth you might find when clearing a garden or taming some ground.  When your machine arrives, a well-illustrated and informative manual is provid Read more...
  • What are QR Codes?

    What are QR Codes?

    QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes ( a mess of squares in a block!) that contain information arranged in a square grid of black squares on a white background. Originally developed in Japan for tracking automotive parts, QR codes have become widely popular for various applications due to their ability to store large amounts of data and be quickly scanned using a smartphone or other imaging devices. QR codes can encode various types of dat Read more...
  • ParkerBrand Brushcutters: It's A Spring Thing #2

    ParkerBrand Brushcutters: It's A Spring Thing #2

    Here in Lincolnshire, the daffodils are at their height, the crocus are in full flush, and the tulips add splashes of colour to gardens and verges. That's how it stands in the Lincolnshire wolds on this fine morning.  Typically, all that growth has meant that some areas of the garden look more than a bit unkempt following the first flush of growth. Mid-March marks the best time to start the first cut of your lawn, but what about other areas of your garden where you mi Read more...
  • ParkerBrand Hedge Trimmers: It's a Spring Thing #1

    ParkerBrand Hedge Trimmers: It's a Spring Thing #1

    Spring is here, and ParkerBrand are ready to supply you with all the tools and equipment you need to tackle all the gardening jobs you have to get done. It’s also the time, a bit like your author here, when D.I.Y projects get started. ParkerBrand are well stocked with a broad array of tools and equipment to get you on your way. Today, we’re focussing on the ever-popular ParkerBrand PGHT-2600 Hedge Trimmer. With its robust twenty-four-inch robust alloy blades, our machi Read more...

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