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  • New Manual: PBLB-6500-B

    New Manual: PBLB-6500-B

    Our legendary PBLB-6500-B leaf blower is as popular as ever and by common consent here at ParkerBrand we thought an updated and revised manual would be the think. Compete with new photography, service advice and notes as well as clearer assembly instructions you'll get the most from your Parkerbrand machinery. Download You can download the Pdf of the manual here. PBLB-6500-B-Web-Manual-2022Download After Sales Care We know our machines are reliable and worthy Read more...
  • Returns: Sending A Package To ParkerBrand

    Returns: Sending A Package To ParkerBrand

    A Simple Return Process If you need to return your machine to us for warranty purposes, inspection or out of warranty repairs, return requires a few simple steps. Below, we detail a few important things to consider in preparing your return. If you bare these important points in mind a return should be smooth, easy and swift. Your Machine or Equipment You MUST empty any fuel tanks of fuel mixes or petrol and drain any oil tank or reserve. This might include:1 Read more...
  • The Benefits Of Using 3D Secure 2.0

    The Benefits Of Using 3D Secure 2.0

    Site security: for ParkerBrand and indeed, for any responsible e-commerce business this is the first and the last consideration. Yes, product worthiness, equipment ranges, customer care response times, dispatch and delivery efficiency; they are all vital but, site security is arguably the most fundamental of those core aspects of a safe and reliable e-commerce business. When people purchase from us they expect that we take care of security as a matter of course - and we Read more...
  • All Orders Same Day Dispatch

    All Orders Same Day Dispatch

    We take dispatch and delivery as seriously as can be. We know what it's like; you order something online and you can't wait for it to arrive. So, our solution is to dispatch absolutely as quickly as possible for you. If you order before 2pm on any week day we shall always dispatch that item to you the very same day, often only within an hour or two of you placing your order. Swift and seamless ordering from our website establishes the same Picked, Packed, Labelled, Disp Read more...
  • Check Your Equipment for Bird's Nests

    Check Your Equipment for Bird's Nests

    Last week we put up a blog regarding checking your garden for before mowing or trimming your hedges. What we didn't expect was to find that it's possible that your equipment may well prove to be a perfect nesting spot! We never expected it but here's the proof: Home is where you lay your eggs - and in this case that's in a Parkerbrand Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver set! We were massively impressed by the chosen location which frankly shows good taste, but e Read more...
  • Check for Wildlife Before Cutting Hedges, Trees and Lawns

    Check for Wildlife Before Cutting Hedges, Trees and Lawns

    According to the Wildlife trust our green gardens are more akin to nature reserves than ever before. In fact the UK's gardens collectively are larger than all of our National Nature Reserves combined. So if you've decided to create or maintain a green garden and have't covered your place in lifeless gravel and slaps (we love a patio too though!) then you're doing the natural world a service and more importantly the animals and insect that we share it with. Check for Bird Read more...
  • Chainsaw Safety Check List

    Chainsaw Safety Check List

    Most people's eyes widen when they see a petrol chainsaw started and revved. They are immediately reminded that it is a machine to be respected as clearly, used without care, vigilance and understanding things can quickly go wrong. No one wants that! That said, a properly maintained chainsaw used with forethought and a sensible approach all-round and they are some of the best labour saving machines ever invented! No matter what brand of chainsaw that you are using bein Read more...
  • All in Awe of the Auger

    All in Awe of the Auger

    Spring’s the thing! The ParkerBrand Earth Auger is a thing to behold too – it’s certainly a great time of the year to put them to one of our favourite tasks – tree planting. The ParkerBrand Auger is the go-to machine for fast and effective hole-boring for all types of fencing and post positioning. It's a great machine with a powerful 52cc two-stroke engine – so good it features on three Parker machines across our range. Take advantage of its true worthiness, yo Read more...
  • Working Safely With a Garden Strimmer or Lawn Mower

    Working Safely With a Garden Strimmer or Lawn Mower

    Staying safe when working in your garden is paramount and like so much in life it's all in the approach; preparation really is key. You can find some tips here to help you stay safe when working outside in your garden with your strimmer/brush cutter and petrol lawn mower Below you'll find a check list of key points to consider before working with your gardening machine, be it a two stroke garden trimmer or a four stroke petrol lawn mower. #1 Know Your Machine Knowin Read more...
  • Follow ParkerBrand on Instagram

    Follow ParkerBrand on Instagram

    We invest plenty of consideration, time and energy making sure that our customers can rely upon our website. Naturally site security is paramount; as our shop front you need to know it is safe and secure, and be sure that it is. Buying on line is swift and free of so many of the attendant hassles that come with high street shopping. While we have discussed that at greater length elsewhere, there is one important factor that any e-commerce business needs to get absolutely r Read more...

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