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  • ParkerBrand PTS-250: Get More From Your Table Saw

    ParkerBrand PTS-250: Get More From Your Table Saw

    Our ParkerBrand table saw is what you might call a 'steady Eddy'; consistent, reliable and capable, and literally so, too; on it's firm well designed table mount. In any domestic woodwork shop, garage or shed our powerful and sturdy machine will certainly find its way into becoming your go-to tool. we know it! It doesn't take much to realise that these saws are very keenly priced. Those of you that are loyal customers know it's major factor with ParkerBrand. But so Read more...
  • Hedge Your Bets with Us

    Hedge Your Bets with Us

    There is no gamble ordering with ParkerBrand. Our website offers straight forward easy and secure ordering , designed with our customers in mind. Simple and, importantly, quick; any order placed before 2pm on any weekday is dispatched the same day. There's no maze to negotiate when it comes to our hedge trimmers either. The ParkerBrand PGHT-2600 petrol hedge trimmer is as easy to use as it is to maintain. They have certainly grown in popularity over the last few years Read more...
  • Spring's The Thing!

    Spring's The Thing!

    At last! It has been a bit bleak and bitter over here close to the east coast of Lincolnshire but, for sure, Spring is gathering; the snow drops are abundant along the hedgerows and the daffodils are on the up and growing fast. It won't be long before the first great rush of Spring and all that green growth. That's usually when we have a rush of our own of course, for our very well priced and fully warranty garden equipment and machines. Get ahead of the crowd and or Read more...
  • Snow Blowers!

    Snow Blowers!

    Winter is snow joke! That blanket of snow looks pretty and picture postcard perfect of course, but then....then you need to go out in it. Clearing snow is a bore and a chore when all you want to do is get on without wasting time. Our leaf blowers are the quickest and handiest machines for a quick, easy result when clearing snow. Snow worries at all about spending ages brushing and scraping away - why not BLOW it a way in no time at all! The ever handy, light and manoeu Read more...
  • Petrol Generators: Totally Portable Power

    Petrol Generators: Totally Portable Power

    No one ever said; 'As light as a generator!'. Our design team have worked very hard to keep the weights down of course - it's part of the general design principle from the get go. These powerful and thoughtfully designed ParkerBrand staples, both our PPG-2800 and PPG-3750 have been consistently popular energy solutions for customers all over the UK and Western Europe but we'd like to draw attention to a ready on-site transport solution. Wheelie Good Transport Solution Read more...
  • ParkerBrand Chainsaw Crew

    ParkerBrand Chainsaw Crew

    Meet The Crew - We've Got a Petrol Chainsaw For You! Let's make is clear for anyone in doubt: we specialise in chainsaws and always have done. As our business has grown, our range has grown but our core products remain exactly that; at the centre of our business and never forgotten. A worthy mainstay as you might say and certainly still one of our most popular products by a long way. Full warrantied and with a reputation for quality at an aggressive price-point you Read more...
  • UPDATE: Delivery to the EU Is Restored

    UPDATE: Delivery to the EU Is Restored

    DELIVERIES TO EU STATES ARE RESTORED We are always on the ball for our customers and never more so when it comes to solving issues. We can now confirm that we can resume deliveries to the Island of Ireland, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Our delivery partners have worked with us in overcoming issues that arose post-Brexit. The ParkerBrand I.T and compliance teams have been working at full-throttle to get us back to where we always have been previously - offering Read more...


    UNPLANNED HALT BY DELIVERY COMPANIES In breaking news this evening ParkerBrand along with thousands of other UK companies were informed that our Courier partners are no longer shipping to the ISLAND OF IRELAND and the EUROPEAN MAINLAND. This will affect ParkerBrand and its customers in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Unplanned, unprecedented and beyond ParkerBrand's control for the first time in our history Read more...
  • ParkerBrand: On Point Prices

    ParkerBrand: On Point Prices

    Always Keenly Priced Price point is right at the top of the list for most customers. We offer all of our machines, tools and equipment at very competitive prices as will be apparent to new customers and familiar to our frequent, regular customers. For sure it is important for you to know that your ParkerBrand purchase also comes with a two year warranty complete with back up and after sales service from our team in Louth, Lincolnshire. We list accessories and part for Read more...
  • PCS-6200 Chainsaw: P for Parker, P for Performance!

    PCS-6200 Chainsaw: P for Parker, P for Performance!

    A Classic Performance Saw Our PCS-6200 Chainsaw is affectionately known as The Beast down in the Tech workshop. For good reason too; as a chainsaw that thrives on hard work in a domestic setting, its 62CC engine is powerful, hungry and growls! But don't worry - it's well tamed! The point is that in a domestic range it's as large as you can get before you tip over into the professional arena. It has an some great safety features including the integrated anti-vibrati Read more...

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