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  • ParkerBrand PTS-250: Get More From Your Table Saw

    ParkerBrand PTS-250: Get More From Your Table Saw

    Our ParkerBrand table saw is what you might call a 'steady Eddy'; consistent, reliable and capable, and literally so, too; on it's firm well designed table mount. In any domestic woodwork shop, garage or shed our powerful and sturdy machine will certainly find its way into becoming your go-to tool. we know it! It doesn't take much to realise that these saws are very keenly priced. Those of you that are loyal customers know it's major factor with ParkerBrand. But so Read more...
  • ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 : Maintenance Tip: Greasing

    ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 : Maintenance Tip: Greasing

    Workhorse of a Machine If you don't know it already from your diligent pre-purchase research you can take our word for it - your Multi-Tool is a true, tried and tested machine that will quickly become your go-to gardening essential. Tough and more than up to the task, your multi-tool uses our 52cc engine that has an established reputation. We use it on five of our machines - it's one of the ParkerBrand Famous Five - and it's durability and ease of use has establish Read more...
  • We're Big Fans - You will be too!

    We're Big Fans - You will be too!

    New visitors to our website are often struck by the range of equipment that we stock and ship all over the UK and Western Europe. True to form, we have expanded our range once again to include these powerful, well-designed and durable fans that have taken off very quickly - we knew that we were fans but it seems you are too! They are a breath of fresh air for sure, giving you a reliable solution to drying and ventilation requirements. They are purpose-built for a broa Read more...
  • Low Profile Jacks: Raise your Game

    Low Profile Jacks: Raise your Game

    We are pleased to announce our new batch of Low-Profile trolley jacks have arrived and  we’ve never been happier with these garage essentials. We’ve got a feeling, given the feedback that we’ve had, that you’ll be very pleased when you place your order for one with us. We know that a lot of you are finding more time than ever to work in your garages at home. We’ve got to do something in these restricted times, right? We’ve spoken to customers who have a Read more...

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