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Check Your Equipment for Bird's Nests

Last week we put up a blog regarding checking your garden for before mowing or trimming your hedges. What we didn't expect was to find that it's possible that your equipment may well prove to be a perfect nesting spot! We never expected it but here's the proof:

Home is where you lay your eggs - and in this case that's in a Parkerbrand Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver set!

We were massively impressed by the chosen location which frankly shows good taste, but even more so by the simple beauty of the eggs whose are they? Do YOU know what type of eggs they are?

We're impressed by the DIY skills that are evident here; funny how humans need mechanical help but our avian friends make good with sticks and moss! It looks like a comfy home - we are only very sorry that the parents don't seem to be around at all - and we've been quiet and kept a distance since discovering the nest too.

Feather Your Nest

We know that you'll be keen to be feathering your nest this year to make the most of the home that you treasure. We are well known for our gardening equipment and expertise in the area. However, we're equally adept at producing tools and equipment for home DIY projects. You'll find our full range here including everything from tool sets to storage shelving and of course, for those particularly keen on nesting, drill sets!

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