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Petrol Lawnmowers

  • Check Your Equipment for Bird's Nests

    Check Your Equipment for Bird's Nests

    Last week we put up a blog regarding checking your garden for before mowing or trimming your hedges. What we didn't expect was to find that it's possible that your equipment may well prove to be a perfect nesting spot! We never expected it but here's the proof: Home is where you lay your eggs - and in this case that's in a Parkerbrand Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver set! We were massively impressed by the chosen location which frankly shows good taste, but e Read more...
  • Check for Wildlife Before Cutting Hedges, Trees and Lawns

    Check for Wildlife Before Cutting Hedges, Trees and Lawns

    According to the Wildlife trust our green gardens are more akin to nature reserves than ever before. In fact the UK's gardens collectively are larger than all of our National Nature Reserves combined. So if you've decided to create or maintain a green garden and have't covered your place in lifeless gravel and slaps (we love a patio too though!) then you're doing the natural world a service and more importantly the animals and insect that we share it with. Check for Bird Read more...
  • Lawn Mowing Tips for Spring: The First Cuts of The Year

    Lawn Mowing Tips for Spring: The First Cuts of The Year

    Spring has sprung early, as seems to be all too common these days and there is already plenty of growth and great drifts of snowdrops are giving way to the yolk-yellow daffodils here in Lincolnshire. Getting your garden neatened up and set for the year is essential. For most people that means the lawn above all.  Here are a few tips that you should genuinely consider before cutting your lawn for the first time in the spring. According to a recent survey the average d Read more...


    ALLOTMENTS: DIG FOR HEALTH,  HARMONY AND COMMUNITY The rise in popularity of the allotment garden has been steady for the last decade or so but dramatically increased, especially since so many people have given greater consideration to the benefits that gardening has in general.  Allotments are a simple extension of that, or an opportunity in their own right if you don't have a garden at all of course.  Applying for an allotment couldn't be easier. They are usually manag Read more...
  • Go Mow: Our Lawnmower Range

    Go Mow: Our Lawnmower Range

    Fresh Stock Now In Surprise and delight usually accompany the arrival of a ParkerBrand mower on the scene. For good reasons too: powerful, dynamic and well-made at a ferociously competitive price point they are, as one customer put it recently; “a lot of mower for the money!” Really, there should be no surprise at all.  ParkerBrand's rising reputation in the gardening sector is purely the result of understanding what customers need - the right product at the right pric Read more...
  • Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are you a Battery Human? Our family business headquarters is based in Louth, Lincolnshire.  Known as the capital of the Wolds it’s at the very heart of the northern part of Lincolnshire so long famed for its farming and livestock. Many of our farming friends know that the best examples of their livestock are reared in the open fields, free to roam. Here at ParkerBrand, freedom isn’t just a buzz word, it’s at the heart of our core values. Freedom to choose, fr Read more...
  • Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    A Fresh Approach Need a part? Getting what you need has now been made even simpler and straightforward for you.  We always listen carefully to feedback from the Customer Care Team; they told us that in the past specific parts had not always been easy to find. We’re here to make life easy for you and so we’ve responded to the feedback in a practical and straightforward way, with a dedicated section for spare parts. How to Navigate the Website For Parts: As E Read more...
  • All New Lawnmower Manuals

    All New Lawnmower Manuals

    Mow me down with a feather!  The already super-popular ParkerBrand PPLM mower range all have new manuals!  Starting with the 21 inch self propelled model, it now comes complete with an all new manual. You can find it here. From assembly to set-up, to maintenance checks and advice the manual is fully illustrated and and wonderfully clear.  That's the same for the 18-inch self propelled model too, which you can find here. The baby of the bunch  is the 17 inch push along Read more...

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