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Leaf Blowers

  • Storm Eunice

    Storm Eunice

    Storm Eunice: A Storm in Tough Plastic Casing Windy much? We really hope that you and yours are safe and well and are weathering the storm well. It's no light hearted matter and for sure this island has weathered more than a few storms. Tom, one of the tech team, was testing out several of our leaf blowers after a development session. I don't get much time down in the workshop (where the real work gets done according to the lads) and for sure when I do I usually learn s Read more...
  • Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

    Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

    NOT prime gardening time - but making sure you machinery is stored well is vital. As we move into late Autumn many machines that have done their service through out the active gardening months will be going into winter storage.  A bit like a lot of wildlife, they are going in to hibernation, ready to Spring into action in the new year. It's no big drama that's for sure, but like much in life, a simple action in forward planning reaps rewards - or at least means you'll g Read more...
  • PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

    PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

    Typhoon Tony, Cyclone Sally,  Hurricane Harry.... you too could earn your nick-name with the PBV-2600 three-in-one handheld blower. For a hand-held device it really is a powerful beast and has been even more popular this year than last; it's turning into a ParkerBrand classic.    We've recently updated the manual, admittedly it only has some slight changes with additional photographs to aid with assembling your machine but teh clearer the better - we know that you've got w Read more...
  • Don't Leaf It Until the Last Minute!

    Don't Leaf It Until the Last Minute!

    Operation Autumn: Multi-Tools The fantastic burst of colours that is Autumn is gathering pace and the conkers are shinning on the ground! Reminds me of a song.  We know that you'll want to be kitted out to deal with the fall of leaves, autumn cuttings from hedges and trees and all the garden waste that comes at this time of the year.  For sure, ParkerBrand are ready to help you be prepared to make sure it is mission accomplished!  Our range is well established and our ma Read more...
  • Snow Blowers!

    Snow Blowers!

    Winter is snow joke! That blanket of snow looks pretty and picture postcard perfect of course, but then....then you need to go out in it. Clearing snow is a bore and a chore when all you want to do is get on without wasting time. Our leaf blowers are the quickest and handiest machines for a quick, easy result when clearing snow. Snow worries at all about spending ages brushing and scraping away - why not BLOW it a way in no time at all! The ever handy, light and mano Read more...
  • Don't Bin your Waste in Haste!

    Don't Bin your Waste in Haste!

    Waste not, want not - and we're not being precious about it or getting on a soap box! We're reminding you that the green waste you produce when using our garden tools and machinery are natural resources that you can utilise in your garden. Compost: A Community Activity Loading garden waste into bags and going to municipal tip or recycling centre is a familiar Sunday morning task for many, ParkerBrand staff included. Gotta get rid of all that stuff after getting bu Read more...
  • Introducing Our NEW 28-CC 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

    Introducing Our NEW 28-CC 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

    Trigger a Storm Our new 28-cc Leaf Blower is much akin to our 26-cc model in both performance and ease of use, but you don't need to be Sherlock Homes to see the difference! The extra couple of CC's are a welcome addition - every bit of extra power is going to make the task that little bit swifter. At 1.1Hp and with a fan spinning at 7500rpm this machine will certainly be working hard and very effectively for you. You will be a storm at the push of a trigger! Rob Read more...
  • ParkerBrand: Some of the Best Machines for Your Allotment

    ParkerBrand: Some of the Best Machines for Your Allotment

    A Tool for All Seasons Allotments are finally the last word in cool!  A new generation has been captured by the pleasure of gardening and producing their own fruit and vegetables.  It’s something the older generation already knew of course and there’s lots of advice being passed back and forth.  We've learnt from customers that ParkerBrand have had more than a few mentions. We like it when customers are recommended by people who are already using Read more...
  • Russel Up a Storm: Get Prepared for Autumn 2020.

    Russel Up a Storm: Get Prepared for Autumn 2020.

    Russel up a storm with a ParkerBrand leaf blower. Compact, durable and easy to use the best leaf blower that we can muster has been thoughtfully designed by the team here at ParkerBrand for optimum performance and results that match. Get prepared for the whipping winds of Autumn with a gale that YOU can control.  All elements of the design make for comfortable use and reliability and a neat, tidy garden that will leave you smiling without breaking a sweat. There are Read more...
  • Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    A Fresh Approach Need a part? Getting what you need has now been made even simpler and straightforward for you.  We always listen carefully to feedback from the Customer Care Team; they told us that in the past specific parts had not always been easy to find. We’re here to make life easy for you and so we’ve responded to the feedback in a practical and straightforward way, with a dedicated section for spare parts. How to Navigate the Website For Parts: As E Read more...

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