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  • All-new Manual for Telescopic Ladders

    All-new Manual for Telescopic Ladders

    Drum-roll! We are delighted to announce that the ALL-NEW operating manual for ALL of our telescopic ladders is now available on their respective product pages. WHY? Along with great service, safety is at the core of the ParkerBrand philosophy.  One of our designers, Zac, has started the year with something super-useful. Overhauled, re-written and full of important information for safe working practices this new manual covers every aspect of your ladder and how to use it in Read more...
  • Telescopic Ladders: Cut the Charlie Chaplin Antics!

    Telescopic Ladders: Cut the Charlie Chaplin Antics!

    What exactly is a telescopic ladder? Ahoy there, Captains!  Just like a telescope a telescopic ladder does what it says!  It folds down for easy transport and for storage. They are suitable for any job that would require a traditional rigid ladder only with far greater advantages.  Greater utility and more manoeuvrability is the focus here. How do they work? When extended upward from the bottom each section of the ladder locks into place and as a result is very robust and Read more...
  • Ladder Buying Guide

    Ladder Buying Guide

    GET UP, GET ON IT! Hey! A ladder is just a ladder, right? Well no doubt you’ve been having a scan of what’s good on the net right now and realised that ParkerBrand have the price spot on, but you’re thinking ‘but what am I actually getting for the price?’. You’re getting high quality at a low price. You’re getting utility and something that adapts to your needs. You’re getting first rate materials and skilled construction. But most of all you’re getting the Read more...

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