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Telescopic Ladders: Cut the Charlie Chaplin Antics!

What exactly is a telescopic ladder?

Ahoy there, Captains!  Just like a telescope a telescopic ladder does what it says!  It folds down for easy transport and for storage. They are suitable for any job that would require a traditional rigid ladder only with far greater advantages.  Greater utility and more manoeuvrability is the focus here.

How do they work?

When extended upward from the bottom each section of the ladder locks into place and as a result is very robust and safe. The locking mechanism is positioned at each rung so that you aren’t just relying on a single lock and can feel safe at all times.

It’s a sensible idea to make sure that the ladder you have is fully certified. A good ladder from a worthy manufacturer will carry an EN131 certification.  Certainly, this is the case with ParkerBrand telescopic ladders.  As you would expect from ParkerBrand we are all about working safe so, clearly, each of the ladders in our range has been fully tested and is EN131 certified.

Real Advantages

  • A telescopic ladder is by its very nature easy to store. You don’t need racking, you don’t need dedicated storage.  They reduced down so much that they just need a little space in your garage, shed or workshop.
  • They are very easy to transport. It’s a simple thing to carry them to where you are working. Just as for storage they take up just a little room in a vehicle.  It’s simply a case of lift out, extend and crack on. Strictly no Charlie Chaplin manoeuvres here!
  • They are easy to clean. Made from top-grade aluminium they are super easy to wipe down, keeping you a pro on the go!
  • Longer lived – as they are less exposed and are made of materials that are robust in the face of the elements, these ladders are going to last far longer than one constructed in traditional wooden materials.

All in all

All in all, we are certain that the future of working at heights to get windows cleaned, to paint and repair is all about the telescopic ladder. They are very useful for everyone no matter what you have in mind. In a good range of sizes there’s one for all of you no matter what your exact requirement. Easy to clean and maintain as well as resistant to the elements these ladders can work as hard as you need them to.

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