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ParkerBrand PTS-250: Get More From Your Table Saw

Our ParkerBrand table saw is what you might call a 'steady Eddy'; consistent, reliable and capable, and literally so, too; on it's firm well designed table mount. In any domestic woodwork shop, garage or shed our powerful and sturdy machine will certainly find its way into becoming your go-to tool. we know it!

It doesn't take much to realise that these saws are very keenly priced. Those of you that are loyal customers know it's major factor with ParkerBrand. But so is quality. That's easy to see - but we'd like to draw you attention to the fact that you're getting a very effective, accurate and durable machine; let's take a look at exactly why.

Keen at the Business End

Clearly, the focal point of the saw is the blade itself - it's keen and super sharp. We utilise high-quality steel with tipped with tungsten carbide for our blades. They have 24 teeth for optimum cuts. Spinning at a max of 5000 rpm you can be confident it is equal to the task.

No doubt you'll be working hard and the saw will join in the game, although ruthlessly sharp and durable eventually you may need a replacement blade don't worry we have that covered for you too. You can even buy them locally if you need one in a jiffy - they have a 30mm bore. Most of our customers prefer an original ParkerBrand blade though!

Motoring Along

Both you and your Table Saw will be motoring along in no time. With an easy set-up and construction of the table and stand you won't need an engineering degree. The well designed 2000w motor can be plugged straight into your domestic 23/40v supply for fuss free operation. We offer an extended warranty of two years so that you know the confidence that we place in our motors you can place in us.

Cutting Capacity

This is the perfect saw for hobbyists and DIY projects and we've had plenty of customers that have responded in agreement! The width of the cut from the blade is 2.8mm. Otherwise, a common question is the depth of the cut:

  • at 90 degrees the max cut is 85mm
  • at 45 degrees the max cut is 65mm

We have a great manual that you can check through on the product page it's the tab next to the description. It's exactly the same as the text that you will receive in your box. Speaking of which....


We've got in covered. A decade into online trading and we're ahead of the curve. Working with the best and most prominent courier brands, we keep tabs on your order from the off with our tech systems and know that we can rely on the chosen couriers to deliver - and we collect the states to prove it and importantly carry on making sure that all is well.

Your two-year extended warranty is kept with us and should you ever need any advice the Customer Care Team, based here in Louth, Lincolnshire will take care of you. You can call on 01507 499198 during office hours or drop an email if you need us. You won't go unanswered! You can even place the order over the phone if you prefer.

We know that you are not just placing an order - you're placing your faith in us to and we have been in business for a decade, serving the UK and Western Europe for a very good reason: your faith in us and our tools and equipment won't be misplaced!

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