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All-new Manual for Telescopic Ladders

Drum-roll! We are delighted to announce that the ALL-NEW operating manual for ALL of our telescopic ladders is now available on their respective product pages.


Along with great service, safety is at the core of the ParkerBrand philosophy.  One of our designers, Zac, has started the year with something super-useful. Overhauled, re-written and full of important information for safe working practices this new manual covers every aspect of your ladder and how to use it in an absolutely safe manner. That’s how we like it.

The legislation in regard to ladders has changed in 2017.  The standard certification across Europe is referred to as EN131 certification. Our ladders are of course certified in such a way and the new manual reflects those changes too.


A simple ParkerBrand telescopic ladder does not need a great deal of care, but if you keep it clean and check it before every use you will be able to turn to your ParkerBrand ladder every time for reliability and ease of use.

With an informative yet simple lay-out, Zac has made sure that every aspect is covered and that it’s very easy to follow. Clear, concise and to the point you’ll get to grips with it in no time.


Let’s face it these things often come in bizarre formats that boggle the mind of the average pc-user (me included). Not the case here.  They are in a simple PDF format that can be opened and stored on any operating system, on any device.  Lovely stuff!


As you may know it is very easy to contact us at any time. Directly by phone or by email you can expect informative and swift responses. As with any aspect of our business we welcome your feedback. As our customers your feedback helps to shape our business because we really do listen to you. If you’d like to let us know how you feel about the new manuals get in touch.


If you want to see a copy of the user manual for our range of telescopic ladders, you can download it by clicking here.

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