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  • All Orders Same Day Dispatch

    All Orders Same Day Dispatch

    We take dispatch and delivery as seriously as can be. We know what it's like; you order something online and you can't wait for it to arrive. So, our solution is to dispatch absolutely as quickly as possible for you. If you order before 2pm on any week day we shall always dispatch that item to you the very same day, often only within an hour or two of you placing your order. Swift and seamless ordering from our website establishes the same Picked, Packed, Labelled, Disp Read more...
  • Working Safely With a Garden Strimmer or Lawn Mower

    Working Safely With a Garden Strimmer or Lawn Mower

    Staying safe when working in your garden is paramount and like so much in life it's all in the approach; preparation really is key. You can find some tips here to help you stay safe when working outside in your garden with your strimmer/brush cutter and petrol lawn mower Below you'll find a check list of key points to consider before working with your gardening machine, be it a two stroke garden trimmer or a four stroke petrol lawn mower. #1 Know Your Machine Knowin Read more...
  • Follow ParkerBrand on Instagram

    Follow ParkerBrand on Instagram

    We invest plenty of consideration, time and energy making sure that our customers can rely upon our website. Naturally site security is paramount; as our shop front you need to know it is safe and secure, and be sure that it is. Buying on line is swift and free of so many of the attendant hassles that come with high street shopping. While we have discussed that at greater length elsewhere, there is one important factor that any e-commerce business needs to get absolutely r Read more...
  • How To Get Rid Of The Yellow Spots On Your Lawn

    How To Get Rid Of The Yellow Spots On Your Lawn

    Having a perfect lawn is what many people desire - and we at ParkerBrand can understand that urge. It fuelled the drive to develop quality lawnmowers at a competitive price point. That said visions of expanses of golf course green can fade quickly the moment that you introduce pets on to the scene. The green dream: like a tartan rug that makes you feel so smug - these guys might have pets though and have been following some key points that we'll go through below. Disclai Read more...
  • Website Update Complete

    Website Update Complete

    Some customer have called the team this morning to say that they were having problems ordering items on our website. We are happy to say that very briefly today, we performed an important update to our website to ensure that ordering continued to be as smooth and easy as you have come to expect. We utilise the best in cutting edge technology in order to offer a seamless ordering experience that is simple straight forward and absolutely safe. Our website is our shop fro Read more...
  • What's in Store for 2022?

    What's in Store for 2022?

    2022 with ParkerBrand A very Happy New Year to all our customers! Upbeat and always ready to serve,  Parkerbrand are in pole position for continuing to give you the best in 2022.  Having expanded our range over the last two years, we're keen to maintain our big three when it comes to our well established e-commerce business and taking care of customers. ONE: An Informative Website Our safe and easy to navigate website is our shop front.  Certainly we like to make sure th Read more...


    JUST IN! Bang on time for Christmas, our consignment of Santa-red garden trollies has arrived.  We do stock a broad range of colours but our seasonal red colour has arrived just in time. These are designed as a garden trolley to help out in the garden but we've found that they have taken on a life of their own in some respects and have become general transporters. These are brilliant transporters for getting the kids out and about on winter walks and general seasonal shenani Read more...
  • A Short History of Shipping Containers

    A Short History of Shipping Containers

    The humble shipping container has played a huge part in our lives with barely any consideration as to its importance by most people.  From fruit to machine parts, Lego to lumber, to the PC you're reading this on; be sure it arrived on these shores in a shipping container. Amphorae from sunken trading vessels can be found on the Mediterranean seafloor Shipping and trade have combined deep into antiquity.  Whether it was  reed-boats moving goods along the Nile or saili Read more...


    Why won't ParkerBrand be taking part in a Black Friday sale? Because every day is Black Friday at Parkerbrand.  No, it's not a get out, it's actually true and reflects our pricing policy from the get-go. We offer VERY competitive pricing all the time. How come? When you buy from ParkerBrand, you're buying direct from the manufacturer, we don't supply 'middlemen' and as we're strictly e-commerce we don't have all the cost that come with running and staffing shops.  Every b Read more...
  • Online VS High Street Shopping

    Online VS High Street Shopping

    Buying anything from anywhere is  fraught with choice these days: organic, ethically-sourced, hand-crafted, machine crafted - we live in a wold of myriad choices.    That said, the principal choice these days is in effect the choice between ordering online or shopping on the High Street.  We'd like to take a fair view of both options here.  ParkerBrand is based in Louth, Lincolnshire; a small market town in the middle of the wolds with it rolling landscape of patch wor Read more...

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