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ParkerBrand Brushcutters: It's A Spring Thing #2

Here in Lincolnshire, the daffodils are at their height, the crocus are in full flush, and the tulips add splashes of colour to gardens and verges. That's how it stands in the Lincolnshire wolds on this fine morning. 

Typically, all that growth has meant that some areas of the garden look more than a bit unkempt following the first flush of growth. Mid-March marks the best time to start the first cut of your lawn, but what about other areas of your garden where you might need to keep tidy? 

One of our first and still most popular products is the ParkerBrand PGBC-5200 Brush Cutter. It's a genuine classic that works very hard due to its 52cc engine, which is far more potent than most comparable machines. 

The 52cc engine sits at the end of a split shaft design with a strong alloy three-toothed blade at the business end. You can use this to get through the tough stuff, such as overgrown grass clumps and brambles that have grown over the winter, let alone early spring! The PGBC-5200 also comes with an easy-to-mount twin-line spool containing a tough 3mm cord that is great for shaping, edging and cutting grass. You can switch between the three-toothed blades and the spool with ease, using the manual we provide for the initial instruction - it will be second nature after a short while. 

As you can see, the harness, in conjunction with the wide-set bull-horn handlebars, gives you all the stability you need for performing broad sweeps (ParkerBrand recommends always sweeping from left to right).

We're definitely proud to offer our PGBC-5200 as we go into spring 2024, as its popularity continues to build year on year. 

Make Your PGBC Brush Cutter A Leaf Blower

Yes, it's possible! There's a transformation that you weren't expecting! The spline (drive rod) that extends from the engine unit through the robust tubing down to the blade and or spool can also drive a leaf blower attachment. Yes, it's a third aspect that you never considered. They simply connect to the end of the shaft and you have an attachment blowing at 140 mph. Tidy Stuff!

Warranty and Aftercare 

We offer a two-year extended warranty and the services of our After-Care Team. Should you need to contact us, you can speak to a human being on the phone (imagine that) during office hours or email us, and a team member will reply. 

Another often overlooked factor when joining us here at ParkerBrand and owning one of our machines is that when the warranty ends, should you need a part, we stock a very wide array at low prices. You likely won't need them, but if you do, you're covered. 

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