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Pressure Washers

  • Returns: Sending A Package To ParkerBrand

    Returns: Sending A Package To ParkerBrand

    A Simple Return Process If you need to return your machine to us for warranty purposes, inspection or out of warranty repairs, return requires a few simple steps. Below, we detail a few important things to consider in preparing your return. If you bare these important points in mind a return should be smooth, easy and swift. Your Machine or Equipment You MUST empty any fuel tanks of fuel mixes or petrol and drain any oil tank or reserve. This might include:1 Read more...
  • PPPW-2900 and PPPW-3100 Petrol Pressure Washers: Tips For Buying

    PPPW-2900 and PPPW-3100 Petrol Pressure Washers: Tips For Buying

    It's not Spring yet, but we've noticed that people are keen to be outdoors sprucing up their properties fully prepared for spending more time out doors.  We're well past the Winter Solstice and we're fast heading for the Spring equinox  so as the days lengthen we'll all be spending more time outdoors. Not that they are just for gardens and patios though clearly, they 're just as good at blasting away of that winter road salt on your car, van, caravan, trailer and the li Read more...
  • PEPW 2500/2000 Electric Pressure Washer Manual 2021

    PEPW 2500/2000 Electric Pressure Washer Manual 2021

    KEEN TO BE CLEAN: Our Updated 2021 Manual ParkerBrand pressure washers are a main stay of our product range and are as popular as ever.  For those with economy in mind they are certainly a winner. Aside from being very competitively priced they also save water - so it's twice the win! We have now updated our manual for both the PEPW-2500 and the PEPW-2000 You are very welcome to download it here: PEPW User Manual 2021 UPGRADE? Our machines are robust and perfect for about Read more...
  • On a Water Metre? Use Our Water Saving Pressure Washers

    On a Water Metre? Use Our Water Saving Pressure Washers

    Save Twice on Both Water and Price Regular ParkerBrand customers know that we are always keen to offer the best price point possible. But you can save in other ways too. With both our popular ParkerBrand PEPW-2500 and ParkerBrand PEPW-2000 you'll be saving water as well as money.. It's an important factor to consider especially if your are one of the majority of people that are on a water metre. Water is, as we all know, one of our most valuable resources.  Managing it and c Read more...
  • Under Pressure: Call Time on Grime with our Petrol Pressure Washers

    Under Pressure: Call Time on Grime with our Petrol Pressure Washers

    As we emerge blinking into the new lighter Spring days, it won't be long before we realise that Winter has taken it's toll on our gardens and properties and vehicles. For sure our petrol driven four-stroke pressure washers have a broad variety of applications around the home and beyond. They are perfect for: Patios, drive-ways, garden paths, slabbed and concreted areas. Decking, garden furniture and wheelie binsCleaning Cars, vans, trailers, motorbikes and off-road Read more...
  • Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are you a Battery Human? Our family business headquarters is based in Louth, Lincolnshire.  Known as the capital of the Wolds it’s at the very heart of the northern part of Lincolnshire so long famed for its farming and livestock. Many of our farming friends know that the best examples of their livestock are reared in the open fields, free to roam. Here at ParkerBrand, freedom isn’t just a buzz word, it’s at the heart of our core values. Freedom to choose, fr Read more...
  • Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    A Fresh Approach Need a part? Getting what you need has now been made even simpler and straightforward for you.  We always listen carefully to feedback from the Customer Care Team; they told us that in the past specific parts had not always been easy to find. We’re here to make life easy for you and so we’ve responded to the feedback in a practical and straightforward way, with a dedicated section for spare parts. How to Navigate the Website For Parts: As E Read more...
  • PEPW-310: Small is Beautiful

    PEPW-310: Small is Beautiful

    The ParkerBrand PEPW-310 Electric Pressure Washer is a sight to behold.  Huge oaks grow from acorns, and surprising things come in small packages - it’s certainly the case with our PEPW-310 Electric Pressure washer. Small, easily stored and effective. It's a big deal at low cost. You’ll be stunned by how much this light yet sturdy machine can achieve for you.  No boasting we’re just rightly proud of the 1,600 PSI that this machine operates at.  That's 110 BAR of pres Read more...
  • Choosing a Pressure Washer

    Choosing a Pressure Washer

    Pressure Points:  A Guide to Buying A Pressure Washer Pressure washers have seen a real rise in popularity over the last ten years. Here at ParkerBrand they are definitely in demand.  Compact, powerful and water saving (an ever more important consideration) they are a real labour-saving machine that give great results. The market has responded to customer demands and there are now many models offering a broad range of options to the consumer. Which one is for you?  There a Read more...

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