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Are YOU a Battery Human?

Are you a Battery Human?

Our family business headquarters is based in Louth, Lincolnshire.  Known as the capital of the Wolds it’s at the very heart of the northern part of Lincolnshire so long famed for its farming and livestock. Many of our farming friends know that the best examples of their livestock are reared in the open fields, free to roam. Here at ParkerBrand, freedom isn’t just a buzz word, it’s at the heart of our core values. Freedom to choose, freedom to have your order delivered where you need it under the service you wish. 

But it goes deeper than that.  If you’ve perused our website or indeed called our Customer Care line thinking about the particulars of a machine that you need then you’ll have noticed that all of our machines are petrol powered rather than battery powered. There’s a very strong reason for it, too. The freedom to work where you want and how you want.  In these restrictive days that’s never had greater potency. There’s no need to be a battery human!

Born to be Free-Range – and Free of Leads!

You were born to be free-range, not cooped-up and restricted! And so it is with your working practice.  Our customers come from all backgrounds and have different requirements and responsibilities.  Now more than ever, gardens and the land about our homes have never been more important. We want them at their best at any time but if you’re spending far more time outside at home it really comes into focus. It’s not just a question of aesthetics either – maintenance and upkeep mean that everything that lives in your garden is in good order and as a consequence healthy. Sometimes a lighter touch is required, sometimes a major work needs to be undertaken.  ParkerBrand really do have the machine for you.

Our petrol driven machines are straightforward to use, and you don’t require an engineering degree. They come with full instructions and don’t require extensive maintenance at all.  We often have instructional videos and our aftercare team are here to advise if you aren’t sure on anything. Often people that call who are considering one of our 52cc engines based machines for example, or a chainsaw  seek that assurance. Very often it is the case that they are weighing up whether they want a battery powered machine or ‘take the step’ to a petrol driven model.  If you are reading this, that might mean you too! Let’s check it through.

We’ve looked at the notion of the freedom at work – it’s an obvious factor but shouldn’t be dismissed.   Being tethered up isn’t anyone’s idea of ease and being restricted limits choice – never a good thing and we are sure that you agree?  Okay, maybe an extension cord will get you further, but many people don’t like the idea of having loops of electrical wire around tools like trimmers and chainsaws - and they are reliant on weather: not much good in damp or wet weather.

Petrol vs Battery Machines

It is essentially a question of power. Whether its two-stroke or four-stoke; you are looking at a great deal more raw power at your fingertips that simply isn’t available from a battery powered machine.

Petrol = Superior Power and Performance

Petrol engines fuel very powerful engines. It powers engines that it would be difficult for batteries to contend with in terms of raw power. This key performance point is with considering - especially if you need t work well away from electricity or don't want to carry power packs or bags of batteries. A petrol powered saw has great capability of power which is why you'll see them put t use in tough work settings.

Manufacturers often claim that battery powered machines and the reliant technology have 'moved on' a great deal. But so has petrol power. We've increased efficiencies in performance by using technology to improve fuel performance. Beyond that the emissions standards are very strict (the limitations do very from machine to machine) and mean that we make and use use far more efficient machines in terms of consumption and crucially emissions - affect both teh user in the immediate term and the environment as a whole.

Worn Down?

The only thing getting charged up, in our opinion should be you!  Battery technology has moved in the last twenty years it’s true, but there are two main points to really consider here:

Charging takes up time as you well know and recharging cycles can really vary between brands. There's a hidden cost here too - to match the free range capability of a petrol powered Chainsaw for example or a brush cutter or lawnmower you're going to need some serious charge. You will also very likely need to buy further batteries - a real hidden cost as they are not cheap - you could likely afford to but another power tool for the same price!

These are points well worth considering before buying. You'll find arguments for both solutions on line - but one thing is not up for argument: ParkerBrand provide true service no matter what you choose. We'll advise you before you purchase on anything you may need to know.

The confidence we have in our products is real: we offer a full extended 2-year warranty. We carry parts for our machines too, it's the responsible thing to do as we are sure you'll agree.

That's ParkerBrand, assured but no boastful, responsible but not boring and very certainly powered by petrol, because we're not battery humans. We were born to be free range and you were too!

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