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Petrol Generators

  • Petrol Generators: Totally Portable Power

    Petrol Generators: Totally Portable Power

    No one ever said; 'As light as a generator!'. Our design team have worked very hard to keep the weights down of course - it's part of the general design principle from the get go. These powerful and thoughtfully designed ParkerBrand staples, both our PPG-2800 and PPG-3750 have been consistently popular energy solutions for customers all over the UK and Western Europe but we'd like to draw attention to a ready on-site transport solution. Wheelie Good Transport Solution Read more...
  • Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are YOU a Battery Human?

    Are you a Battery Human? Our family business headquarters is based in Louth, Lincolnshire.  Known as the capital of the Wolds it’s at the very heart of the northern part of Lincolnshire so long famed for its farming and livestock. Many of our farming friends know that the best examples of their livestock are reared in the open fields, free to roam. Here at ParkerBrand, freedom isn’t just a buzz word, it’s at the heart of our core values. Freedom to choose, fre Read more...
  • Our PPG-3750 is powerful and portable. You win.

    Our PPG-3750 is powerful and portable. You win.

    Independence!  Getting your remote power solution sorted has never been easier with ParkerBrand. Having the ability to power tools and equipment independent of a power source is what many people call for - and these days more than ever before. Our team have designed probably the best generator that you can buy at this price point and we are very happy with the result and we’re sure that you will be too. We know that the four-stroke 210cc 7HP air-cooled engine is Read more...
  • Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

    A Fresh Approach Need a part? Getting what you need has now been made even simpler and straightforward for you.  We always listen carefully to feedback from the Customer Care Team; they told us that in the past specific parts had not always been easy to find. We’re here to make life easy for you and so we’ve responded to the feedback in a practical and straightforward way, with a dedicated section for spare parts. How to Navigate the Website For Parts: As Easy Read more...
  • PPG-2800 - New User Manual

    PPG-2800 - New User Manual

    The ancient libraries of Alexandria, Rome and the Vatican. The British Library, Louth Junior Lending Library – all fine and legendary institutions spanning the breadth of known history.  What they haven’t got yet, or indeed never had, was a copy of the single most important tome in the annals of ParkerBrand so far. The PPG-2800 generator manual has been updated, expanded and over-hauled to such a degree that it surely will take its place in the hallowed halls of the B Read more...
  • What is a Petrol Generator

    What is a Petrol Generator

    What is a Petrol Generator and How Does it Work? If you are buying a generator you need a reliable source of power that might be for working out doors but it might be a good deal more important that – it could be a power fall back – something you rely on in the event of a power-cut.  Of course, they are commonly used on building sites, catering vans, fairground entertainment, anywhere you need a reliable source of power.  Maybe it’s even the main source of power Read more...

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