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Petrol Generators

  • PPG-2800 - New User Manual

    PPG-2800 - New User Manual

    The ancient libraries of Alexandria, Rome and the Vatican. The British Library, Louth Junior Lending Library – all fine and legendary institutions spanning the breadth of known history.  What they haven’t got yet, or indeed never had, was a copy of the single most important tome in the annals of ParkerBrand so far.

    The PPG-2800 generator manual has been updated, expanded and over-hauled to such a degree that it surely wil

  • What is a Petrol Generator

    What is a Petrol Generator

    What is a Petrol Generator and How Does it Work?

    If you are buying a generator you need a reliable source of power that might be for working out doors but it might be a good deal more important that – it could be a power fall back – something you rely on in the event of a power-cut.  Of course, they are commonly used on building sites, catering vans, fairground entertainment, anywhere you need a reliable source of power.  Maybe it’

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