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Petrol Generators: Totally Portable Power

No one ever said; 'As light as a generator!'. Our design team have worked very hard to keep the weights down of course - it's part of the general design principle from the get go. These powerful and thoughtfully designed ParkerBrand staples, both our PPG-2800 and PPG-3750 have been consistently popular energy solutions for customers all over the UK and Western Europe but we'd like to draw attention to a ready on-site transport solution.

Wheelie Good Transport Solution

Our ParkerBrand PPG-3750 was a brilliant addition to the power generation range back in 2018. Customers had been asking for something with a higher output rating and true to form we put our shoulder to the wheel, quite literally, and it's been a big draw for customers ever since. With a maximum rated output of 3.75 KvA it hits the mark. Our four stroke engines are design to be to be dependable - you can count on that.

What we have done here though is add a wheel kit and handles so that it genuinely makes manoeuvring and positioning out of the equation - it's a no longer a consideration really, as it just makes it so simple.

Easy to Fit

Easy to fit and sturdy it's made a difference to those who wanted an option for an easier life. It means that you can get effective hassle free petrol power where you need it. They are used for a multitude of purposes including camping and caravan trips, to powering tools for hobbies and DIY projects, as back up systems at home - the applications are endless really.

Retro-Fit Your PPG-2800

Our ParkerBrand PPG-2800 has been with us from the start. Like it's stable-mate it's reliable, sturdy and simple to use. Clearly not as heavy as the larger machine we still had some customers asking for this unit with wheels.

Ever ready to supply what people were asking for we now have wheel kits available for machines purchased from 2020 onwards. Even if you have already bought your gennie and think that having a set of wheels is where it's at, you can retro fit. They fit snuggly onto the robust frame and you'll be off - quicker than before!

For sure some people just want a generator in one place to get on with giving you power where you need it - but we are pretty sure that you'll agree having the option is best. Limitation is not in the ParkerBrand vocabulary!

Will the Petrol Generator be Powerful Enough?

Our customers often ask this totally valid question either by calling the Customer Care team in Louth, Lincolnshire or dropping us an email. You'll be pleased to know that we aren't into hazarding guesses - we don't precisely know the power demands and requirements of your kit.

We've taken control of it for you though - with a plain-sailing guide written by one of our experienced engineers. You won't be overwhelmed by jargon and you'll feel secure that you are ordering what you need. It will help you to calculate which of our models will be suitable for your kit. We definitely don't want you to be worrying about it and it doesn't take a jiffy really!

Get Off to a Flying Start

When it arrives with you we know you'll be rubbing your hands and want to get powered up and cracking on. Both the PPG-2800 and PPG-3750 require SAE-30 four-stroke oil - it's a good idea to order it with you machine so that you can get cracking. It's available locally of course, but there's nothing better than having everything there to get off to a flying start. Even better - if you need to use a standard three pin plug for the equipment you are powering you can also include a super-handy fly lead meaning that you truly are good to go!

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