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    JUST IN! Bang on time for Christmas, our consignment of Santa-red garden trollies has arrived.  We do stock a broad range of colours but our seasonal red colour has arrived just in time. These are designed as a garden trolley to help out in the garden but we've found that they have taken on a life of their own in some respects and have become general transporters. These are brilliant transporters for getting the kids out and about on winter walks and general seasonal shenani Read more...


    ALLOTMENTS: DIG FOR HEALTH,  HARMONY AND COMMUNITY The rise in popularity of the allotment garden has been steady for the last decade or so but dramatically increased, especially since so many people have given greater consideration to the benefits that gardening has in general.  Allotments are a simple extension of that, or an opportunity in their own right if you don't have a garden at all of course.  Applying for an allotment couldn't be easier. They are usually manag Read more...
  • Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

    Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

    NOT prime gardening time - but making sure you machinery is stored well is vital. As we move into late Autumn many machines that have done their service through out the active gardening months will be going into winter storage.  A bit like a lot of wildlife, they are going in to hibernation, ready to Spring into action in the new year. It's no big drama that's for sure, but like much in life, a simple action in forward planning reaps rewards - or at least means you'll g Read more...


    THE PARKERBRAND SUPER SIX Six is super-duper and it's the number we're a-buzz with.  That’s how many of our machines utilise our dynamic and durable 52-cc engine.  Literally proven in the field, the tried and tested 2HP engine is used on six machines in our gardening range.  We’re all for innovation but that comes from having strong foundations. The creativity comes from how we’ve applied it, the foundation is the sturdy two-stroke engine. Why choose a petrol-engin Read more...
  • PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

    PBV-2600 Leaf Blower: Updated Manual

    Typhoon Tony, Cyclone Sally,  Hurricane Harry.... you too could earn your nick-name with the PBV-2600 three-in-one handheld blower. For a hand-held device it really is a powerful beast and has been even more popular this year than last; it's turning into a ParkerBrand classic.    We've recently updated the manual, admittedly it only has some slight changes with additional photographs to aid with assembling your machine but teh clearer the better - we know that you've got w Read more...
  • Don't Leaf It Until the Last Minute!

    Don't Leaf It Until the Last Minute!

    Operation Autumn: Multi-Tools The fantastic burst of colours that is Autumn is gathering pace and the conkers are shinning on the ground! Reminds me of a song.  We know that you'll want to be kitted out to deal with the fall of leaves, autumn cuttings from hedges and trees and all the garden waste that comes at this time of the year.  For sure, ParkerBrand are ready to help you be prepared to make sure it is mission accomplished!  Our range is well established and our ma Read more...
  • Our 52CC Machines Take On Autumn: New Leaf Blower Attachment

    Our 52CC Machines Take On Autumn: New Leaf Blower Attachment

    A 140mph Addition To Your Brush Cutter and Multi-Tool As the bright colours of Summer surrender to more hushed hues - pale golds and yellows,  reads and russets we feel the turning of the season and sigh. Perhaps it is the though of hearty lunches as the mist fades after a damp morning.  Perhaps its the constant mass of leaves landing all over your garden and around your house!  The latter is most peoples concern - and ours too.  We've responded with a highly effective, r Read more...
  • PGHT Hedgecutter: New UPDATED Manual 2021

    PGHT Hedgecutter: New UPDATED Manual 2021

    Take It to The Hedge! Our PGHT-2600 hedge trimmers have had a manual over haul!  Not the design of course,  which is as robust as ever, and has cemented its place in the ParkerBrand gardening range as a permanent fixture. What we have done is made sure that our manual  has been rejuvenated with even clearer instructions, more illustrations and pertinent information.   This means that you will get the best out of the machine in every respect, from initial assembly and use Read more...
  • 52cc Engines: Hi-Tech New Spec

    52cc Engines: Hi-Tech New Spec

    NEW SPECIFICATION COILS PACKS FOR THE 52cc ENGINE Our 52cc engines are the driving force behind a wide variety of ParkerBrand machines - for good reason too. Simple, easy to maintain and a genuinely proven design, they perform very well.  We aren't the kind of folk to rest on our laurels and let things get stale though.  Therefore, any innovation that can introduced is welcome and certainly worth while. The tech team have switched-up a vital part and below you can find out Read more...
  • Our New Brushcutter and Multi-Tool Manuals

    Our New Brushcutter and Multi-Tool Manuals

    Our All-New Manuals Our Graphic Design team have been working as hard as ever to produce a new manual for the recently updated PGBC-5200 Brush Cutters  There haven't been any dramatic changes to the tried tested and true brush cutter/trimmer as they are one of our most popular model. All we have really done is simplify the way that both the three toothed blade and the spool fit!  Our new manuals are comprehensive and certainly cover every aspect of the machine from poppin Read more...

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