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Life Hacks for the ParkerBrand Leaf Blowers

There’s more than one way to get something done, as it always was. These days they just give it a different name. Hacking isn’t just about computers apparently – ‘life hacks’ are a new way to say being inventive and resourceful and that’s second nature here at Parker Towers. We’ve got a few ‘hacks’ of our own that you could try with either of our leaf blowers.

Try these useful ways of pushing the boundaries with your leaf blower:


Both models are going to save you a lot of work in obtaining a beautifully mark-free finish to your car, van or caravan by blowing them down after washing and before you apply your polish or finishing wax.


Literally blast away cobwebs and accumulated dirt on those very hard to reach parts of the outside of your house.  There’s plenty of reach and manoeuvre with the flexible pipework.

To be fair it was a big steak


What a shocker!  If you are having a campfire or barbecue on a large scale these are great at getting your coals glowing and your embers at the peak cooking temperature. Great steak?  Thank you ParkerBrand. Who knew?


I thought that a hoover was where it was at – right up until I saw my colleague blasting out the rear of his van - all the debris swiftly removed. If you are a traditionalist, no worries the hand held blower is a vacuum too.


It’s a standard joke in the UK that if you plan a barbecue it’ll rain.  But where there is rain, it will shine in the end.  Blast away standing water from decking or outdoor furniture and crack on with the BBQ as the clouds roll away. Goodbye soggy mops, hello leaf blower. Job done.


A dusting of snow looks beautiful – but for sure it has its hassles.  Use your leaf blower to clear light snow from windscreens and porches and outdoor areas that you would prefer to use.

Smart, hey? These are just a few of the uses that are regularly employed by us here at ParkerBrand with a great deal of success.  A little unconventional yet totally successful and up for innovation?  Then ParkerBrand is your gardening brand for sure. Have fun!

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