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Start Spreading The News: ParkerBrand Towable Garden Spreaders Are Here!

We are proud to announce the introduction of a new product line to ParkerBrand for Autumn 2023. The first in a range that will enhance the way that you can care for your lawn and pasture from now on.

Our first product has been well called for by customer on our phone lines and by email. Our first garden spreader is sturdy steel-framed simplicity itself. Built to last and to be hooked up to your ride-on lawn mower or similar machine you'll be please with it's ease of use; that's certainly the feedback we have had so far. The fully pneumatic wheels on sturdy set of axels will ensure a smooth The fully adjustable feed rate means that you can very effectively:


your lawn with your favourite product! With a spread pattern of three metres (ten feet) you can will get the area covered with the essential treatments you know will give you the well fed pasture and lawn that you imagined when you started. With a max weight capacity of 35kg (80lbs) you can shift plenty of feed.


your lawn with your desired product. The adjustable flow rate and large capacity of our machine (45 litres in volume) means that you can load up on your weeding treatment and get out there. We are keen on organic treatments but what ever you are using you'll get an even result.

Wildflower Seed

How about setting apart some of your lawn or pasture for wild flowers to blossom? Vital to insects and birdlife and in effect the whole food chain you can use your spreader to mix in native wildflower seeds. ParkerBrand are fond of the clay-ball method but if you've a larger area to cover our garden spreader fits the bill.

Hand-Push Version in 2024 and More

Next year ParkerBrand will certainly introduce a hand push version so that even more people can put these brilliant additions to your kit to use; increasingly that'll be one of loyal customers or for sure those that are new - which one are you? Keep your eyes on our website for new products n 2024. ParkerBrand: making and delivering what you need to care for your treasured garden.

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