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Ordering Parts and Spares: Now Even Easier Than Ever

A Fresh Approach

Need a part? Getting what you need has now been made even simpler and straightforward for you.  We always listen carefully to feedback from the Customer Care Team; they told us that in the past specific parts had not always been easy to find.

We’re here to make life easy for you and so we’ve responded to the feedback in a practical and straightforward way, with a dedicated section for spare parts.

How to Navigate the Website For Parts: As Easy As One, Two, Three!

Our on-line parts store has been revitalised and streamlined for ease of ordering.  We now have a dedicated spares section of the site; you simply need to quickly check the drop-down list and find your machine.  Click your selected model number (e.g. PGCB-5200) and the list is right there in front of you.  Simple, straightforward and easy to use, as easy as one, two, three:

Step 1

Step 2:

Step 3:

Our Responsibility to You

We are a responsible supplier of machinery and tools for domestic use. One of the ways that we clearly demonstrate this is by way of the fact that we maintain a stock of a broad range of parts for our machines.  Many of new customers are very surprised, having previously bought from companies that do no such thing.

We embrace the direct opposite of that approach. We consider it our duty to help you to maintain your machines and keep them in tip top condition or supply you with the parts that may have been lost or worn.

Speak to Us

It might be that you’re unsure about which part you require, or you simply need a spot of advice. Call our team here in Louth and they’ll happily confirm a size or fitting and the like.  If you require more detailed advice, then they’ll help you to get in touch with the tech team.  We’ve got time for you that’s for sure.

Payment and Delivery

You can order you part like anything else on the Parkerbrand website; pop it in your basket, drop your details and pay with your card or PayPal.  You’ll see a range of delivery options, simply choose what suits you.  Certainly,  

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