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On a Water Metre? Use Our Water Saving Pressure Washers

Save Twice on Both Water and Price

Regular ParkerBrand customers know that we are always keen to offer the best price point possible. But you can save in other ways too. With both our popular ParkerBrand PEPW-2500 and ParkerBrand PEPW-2000 you'll be saving water as well as money.. It's an important factor to consider especially if your are one of the majority of people that are on a water metre.

Water is, as we all know, one of our most valuable resources.  Managing it and consuming less is a part of the future,  as well as the present. On average, a normal sized garden hose uses approximately 15-17 litres of water per minute. Below,  you can see just how little our machines use in comparison. It's quite surprising.

Rated Flow

So, a standard garden hose uses 15-17 litres per minute - how do the ParkerBrand PEPW-2500 and PEPW200 measure up in comparison?

PEPW-2500 - (195 bar) achieves only 7 litres per minute 

PEPW-2000- (160 bar) has a rated flow of an amazing 6.5 litres per minute.

These are enviable stats and will lead to significant and meaningful reduction in water use and will genuinely save you money from the get go and over time. Our machines runs on standard mains water pressure and are certainly a great piece of kit for saving water and getting a host of jobs done. Although if you have large garden, it is a game changer in terms of watering!

Full Kit and Caboodle

Just in case you were in any doubt we can assure you that these machines come with everything that you need to get blasting. They are straight-forward to set up and have a full five metre power cable and five meter hose leading from the machine to the gun and lance.  That gives you ample room for manoeuvre to get the intense pressure where you need it to be.

It's A Blast!

Our pressure washers are transformative tools.  Compact, thoughtfully designed and easy to use they can transform an out-door space  at any time of the year or save some serious time and water when getting your vehicles or kit up to a brilliant shine.  Both the ParkerBrand PEPW-2500 and ParkerBrand PEPW-2000 come with integral soap boxes so that you can use a conditioning soap as well as the awesome power of pressure.  The PEPW-2500 has a maximum pressure of 2800 psi  and the PEPW-2000 just over 2300 psi - so much utility, so little effort on your part; all at a startlingly competitive price.

They great for a multitude of jobs including:

  • Restoring cars, motorbikes and vans to a sparkling shine
  • Rejuvenate your patio, driveway, garden-path or outdoor flagged and concrete spaces
  • Get caravans and boats and leisure machines back to prime
  • Bring back the shine to your garden furniture and children's playground toys
  • Shine up trailers, utility and off-roads vehicles and cross-bikes

In truth the possibilities are endless really - where you might spend time washing or scrubbing pile the pressure on with a ParkerBrand pressure washer instead and save yourself time, water and hassle.  What seemed like work somehow becomes a bit of blast and good fun.  Best of all you'll find the results really satisfying too!

Patio Kit

Think Pressure Washer, think patio or path.  That's often the first thought when it comes to pressure washers and we hope that we've opened up the game for you as to how you can put these well-designed, warrantied and well-built machines to use. Cleaning the patio or outdoor space is a standard task so we've stocked some kit to help. Our Patio Cleaning Kit is a great add on to your order at a fiercely competitive price that will make that task even easier, swifter and give an even better result.  These rotating brushes cover a wider surface area an come in two sizes - the dirt will have no where to hide and you'll be winning in no time.

Dispatch and Warranty

We've got it covered. A decade into on-line trading and we're ahead of the curve. Working with the best and most prominent courier brands, we keep tabs on your order from the off with our tech systems and know that we can rely on the chosen couriers to deliver - and we collect the states to prove it and importantly carry on making sure that all is well.

Your two-year extended warranty is kept with us and should you ever need any advice the Lincolnshire based Customer Care Team will take care of you. You can call on 01507 499198 during office hours or drop an email if you need us. You won't go unanswered! We know that you are not just placing an order - you're placing your faith in us to and we have been in business for a decade, serving the UK and Western Europe for a very good reason: your faith in us isn't misplaced.


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