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PEPW-310: Small is Beautiful

The ParkerBrand PEPW-310 Electric Pressure Washer is a sight to behold.  Huge oaks grow from acorns, and surprising things come in small packages - it’s certainly the case with our PEPW-310 Electric Pressure washer. Small, easily stored and effective. It's a big deal at low cost.

You’ll be stunned by how much this light yet sturdy machine can achieve for you.  No boasting we’re just rightly proud of the 1,600 PSI that this machine operates at.  That's 110 BAR of pressure to work with - you won't be working for long at that rate.


The 1,400-Watt engine is simple, straight forward and reliable.  It’s well protected by the thoughtfully designed body casing that will put out an incredibly high 1,600 PSI, that’s a 110 BAR of performance. Complete with 5 meters of insulated electric cable these machines easily plug in to the extension lead you’ve already got to give you all the reach that you could need.

Our machines utilise standard hose-lock connectors so you aren’t going to be scratching your head thinking about compatibility with the hose that supplies your machine. It’s plug-in and play – the ParkerBrand way!

Light and portable and therefore very easily stored it will be an asset to your kit. You’ll be reaching for the PEPW-310 more often that you think – especially if you like to drive a tip-top shinny car. This ParkerBrand Pressure Washer will be right there for you to render your Car, Van, Caravan, Boat or any recreational vehicle sparkling in no time.


If you haven’t already changed over to a water meter it surely won’t be long.  We’re all for saving water and making the most of natural resources.  Pressure washers are far more economic than garden hoses in two respects.  Using only 5.5 litres per minute, the ParkerBrand PEPW-310 will help to conserve a precious natural resource and by extension save your money too.

On the green front, these machines are great for gardeners! Aside from keeping hard standings and patios free of grime they act as a booster pump – you can reach far greater distances from a single standing point.  You’ll still be using far less water than an old-school hose but making it literally go further.  Make your money, time and water go further with ParkerBrand!


For a forward thinking company we've got old fashioned values.  We don't expect any issue with any aspect of your machine but should you do so our After-Sales Team will be more than happy to advise. You will have a two-year warranty when buying directly from us.  Our After-Sales Team are based here in Louth, Lincolnshire where they are happy to help you make purchase choices or advise in anyway.  They can be contacted by phone in office hours or can be emailed directly - you can expect a timely response that's for sure.

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