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Under Pressure: Call Time on Grime with our Petrol Pressure Washers

As we emerge blinking into the new lighter Spring days, it won't be long before we realise that Winter has taken it's toll on our gardens and properties and vehicles. For sure our petrol driven four-stroke pressure washers have a broad variety of applications around the home and beyond.

They are perfect for:

  • Patios, drive-ways, garden paths, slabbed and concreted areas.
  • Decking, garden furniture and wheelie bins
  • Cleaning Cars, vans, trailers, motorbikes and off-road vehicles of all types
  • Boats and marine vehicles and equipment (fresh and salt water)
  • Anything else that needs blasting clean?

They are truly tried and tested machines that have gathered a great reputation due to reliability, the broad array of applications, a very competitive price and the two year extended warranty that comes with them. They are some of our best selling products for sure. Let's take a look at the key parts of the machine for our two main models.

The Pump

Our pumps are robust and very economical and far more effective over-all compared with a standard garden hose. The flow rate is an essential element to look out for here. They are similar on our machines:

  • PPPW-2900 - 690 litres per hour reaching a max Psi of 2900 (200bar)
  • PPPW-3100 - 568 litres per hour reaching a max Psi of 3100 (213 bar)

These are the maximum pressure out buts, and as you can see there isn't a great deal between them, with the 3100 being more effective and not requiring quite as much water. Well constructed and sealed this is a performance pump that will get the job done, no matter which you choose. It will maintain high pressure from a standard household water supply, usually an outdoor tap.

They will draw from larger clean water containers such as ICB's and the like. If you've harvested rainwater you might want to fit an in-line pump into your extraction hose, just to make sure that you get no unwanted material into the pump mech. They are designed to work from a mins supply though and you'll always get that impressive psi with standard domestic water pressure fed into the machine.

The Engine

We use our own robust petrol powered 208 cc engines. That's 6.5 carefully manufactured horse power , so it's certainly got the ability and fortitude to keep on running! The engine will need to be oiled when you first receive the machine - you can see the check list below for the type.

The machine has an oil alarm to prevent malfunction. As per the manual please do keep the oil chamber well topped up - if not, your machine may protect itself by refusing to start, or start and cut out. It's a lot like me on a Saturday morning if I haven't had my espresso! It's no hassle having a quick check and no more than you would expect from any four-stroke engine.

The Business End

The parts of the petrol pressure washer that see the action are

  • Hose
  • Trigger
  • Lance
  • Nozzles

Each machine comes with its correct type of hose, trigger and lance. It's a good idea to dry these off after use (be sure to drain the pressure from your assembly before you do so, and store them well. Be sure to keep the hose away from hot elements of the machine such as the exhaust and engine; it won't react well if they come into contact, even though the hoses are reinforced. You'll receive a 8m hose and although we don't provide longer hoses, don't forget you can take our machine as far as the garden feed hose will roll. That's usually a very decent degree of freedom.

The gun and lance are robust and provide great control. For both machines there are five nozzles that are manufactured for different applications, the white 40 degree nozzle being the best for general duties, the yellow 15 degree nozzle for concentrated cleaning of smaller areas and so on. There is even a dedicated nozzle that can be used with chemical treatments and soaps. All that in one box!

A Word on Adaptions

We do not currently sell circular patio cleaning devices for the e machine as we currently do for our electric machines. the combination of the changeable nozzles and the high power has mean that there hasn't been much call for them in general.

We do, however, have a brilliant turbo nozzle only combatable with the PPP-W2900. This boosts the over all power of the machine at the delivery end. We also have a very popular snow foam adaptor that is suitable for both models - it produces a luxurious stream of foam that will have your car looking good enough for the start of Le Mans - and sorting it right back out again after the race! Both of these are great additions that you buy later on if you feel you'd like to give them a whirl, or add to your order, if suitable, so that you get all you need in the box from the get go.

Ordering Tick List

Warranty and Spares

Your machine is warrantied for two years. This is detailed fully in the warranty tab on the product pages. It's worth having a quick read - we've kept it clear and jargon free - we've nothing to hide. These are robust and worthy machines, fully kite marked and having passed or exceeded the ISO standards, just as you would expect from a reliable brand that takes care of its customers, simultaneously utilising the best technology and an old school approach to customer values.

When the warranty has passed, even with proper servicing, (there isn't that much and the manual offers you all the information), in time you may need to replace a part. We are not one of those companies who don't take responsibility for the longevity of machines - we provide as expansive a parts list for both the PPPW-2900 and the PPW-3100 as it is possible to offer. We believe it is right and responsible for us to do so. If you need any advice or have a query, don't forget we have a dedicated Customer Care Team based here in Louth, Lincolnshire that you can speak with , or you can drop them an email any time to [email protected] - we always respond!

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering is a doddle. We take card payments and PayPal. As long as you've got your address details to hand, simply enter them into the required fields, choose your delivery (free where possible) and pop your payment through - we're adapt at making sure we take care of things swiftly from there.

We use cutting edge in-houses systems to monitor your delivery seamlessly from the moment that you order on the website (or by phone with our Customer Care Team) right to the point of delivery. Our delivery partners are the biggest internationals names in the sector. We monitor their performance regularly so that we know that they're on-point for us both.

We're happy to be a British family company serving our customers from our HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire. We're committed to a seamless customer experience and genuine after care with people that you can really speak with! The pressure's off, all you have to think about is which one you'll go for - we'll take care of the rest. Which one is it?

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