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New PBV-2600/PGBV-2800 Leaf Blower Manual

Our leaf blowers are as popular as ever and we like to stay on point so that you can be too. A part of that is making sure that our manuals are as up-to-date as possible.

We have certainly up-dated our manual thoughtfully. It features even clearer colour photography and simplified instructions, ensuring that you can get the best from your compact and powerful machine without fuss. Reading the manual before use is well advised even if you are a seasoned user of this type of machine. Why?

Our machines in general and certainly the PBV-2600/PGBV-2600 Leaf Blowers start in a particular manner for example. There's great advice for its use in general, care and upkeep as well as instant direct links to where you can find spares or accessories should you need them. In short we've got you covered in every respect.

You are very welcome to Download the manual below;

Spare Parts

You can find the full range of spare parts for handheld leaf blowers here:


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