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Winter Storage Tips for Two Stroke Engines

NOT prime gardening time - but making sure you machinery is stored well is vital.

As we move into late Autumn many machines that have done their service through out the active gardening months will be going into winter storage.  A bit like a lot of wildlife, they are going in to hibernation, ready to Spring into action in the new year.

It's no big drama that's for sure, but like much in life, a simple action in forward planning reaps rewards - or at least means you'll get through a cold winter!


For two stroke engines the following the routine below before storing your machine is useful:

  1. Empty the fuel from the fuel tank
  2. Wipe the inside of the fuel cap
  3. Start your machine as if to use your machine - and run until it stops.  This prevents fuel from sitting in the system and clogging your carb with two stroke oil or depreciating your fuel lines.
  4. Remove the spark plug and put a few drops of oil in the spark plug hole then pull the recoil a few times to lubricate the cylinder. This extra drop of lubrication means that your piston won't seize as it is sat over the storage period.
Download a Pdf version of the manual for your machine under the literature tab

Clearly a good general clean of the engine and specific equipment (cutting edges, blower pipes etc.)  is highly recommended and will prevent depreciation of your machine.  Certainly Parkerbrand believe in the integrity and longevity of the machinery and tools that we sell but the advice given here simply highlights the appropriate care that should be given your machine, you'll find a care and maintenance routine and tips in the manual for your machine.


If you have lost or damaged your manual, you can download it from the literature tab on the product page.  The image to the left shows you where if you can't spot it.  For many of our most popular products you are also able to download an exploded diagram or further pertinent plans.


We stock a very broad range of spares and accessories for our machines - so if you realise that you need some replacement kit, perhaps a spool or nozzle or the like, then you should find it on the website.  This handy guide will help you to find what you need in a couple of clicks.

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