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The 18th of March is officially the prime day for the first cut of the year when it comes to your lawn! Here at ParkerBrand, we are sure that you can assess your lawn the best. No matter when you decide the time to be ripe, here are a few points that are well worth considering. 

Check your Machine

Check your mower over. Ensure that your petrol lawnmower has had a service and check (if you have a ParkerBrand lawnmower, then refer to the back of your manual). This should consist of:

  • Check and clean your air filter. If it is dirty, a simple wash with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid will do the trick. If it's really in bad shape, order a replacement. 
  • Check the oil level - make sure the oil chamber is well filled and the oil is in good condition. 
  • Ensure that you use new fuel—hopefully, you didn't leave any petrol in over the winter when your machine was stored. Petrol is corrosive and can damage the fuel pipes and tank if left partially filled over the winter.
  • CHECK THE BLADE. A damaged blade will not cut your grass sufficiently well and will undoubtedly damage the lawn. Check that it is unchipped and sharp. If it doesn't look too bright, you can take it to be sharpened or sharpen it with a file. 

Before The First Cut 

When you know your machine is tip-top and good to go, ensure that you check over the area you are going to mow. You may well find that Winter has various things that will damage your blade are potentially hidden in the long grass. Check over the lawn and look for sticks, stones and anything else that will do your machine no good. 

Cutting Your Lawn 

It is not advisable to be brutal! This will be a shock for the ecosystem, which is your lawn. Follow the one-third rule when mowing your lawn for the first time. Avoid cutting more than a third of the height in a single pass to prevent stress on the grass. Then, gradually reduce the grass length to achieve the desired height over several weeks. Cutting the grass too short too quickly, known as 'scalping,' will damage the grass and lead to disease and problems with weeds, too. 

If your lawn has become particularly overgrown during the colder months and has grown excessively, adhere to the one-third rule but approach it gradually over several weeks. Lower the cutting height of your lawnmower incrementally with each mow until reaching the desired grass length. This is the smart way to get your lawn back to tip-top condition and looking great for you to enjoy over the summer. 

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