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Low Profile Jacks: Raise your Game

We are pleased to announce our new batch of Low-Profile trolley jacks have arrived and  we’ve never been happier with these garage essentials. We’ve got a feeling, given the feedback that we’ve had, that you’ll be very pleased when you place your order for one with us.

We know that a lot of you are finding more time than ever to work in your garages at home. We’ve got to do something in these restricted times, right? We’ve spoken to customers who have a wide variety of projects on the go – classic car restoration, museum repairs and of course getting maintenance done at home.  A lot more people are teaching themselves to do simple repairs and maintenances such as oil-changes and the like, at home. There are tons (forgive the pun!) of sites and social media sites that are offering tuition and guidance – why not join them?

Lift Heights and Essential Stats

These jacks are perfect for low risen vehicles as well as standard vehicles and lift to the same height no matter how low.

Maximum Load: 2.5 Tons

Lift Range: 80mm to 515mm

Reinforced Heavy Duty Body: Total weight is 34kg

Easily positioned: Swivelling wheels at rear.

Wide wheels:  For added stability and smooth rolling

Quick Tip: Oil

Your trolley jack is thoughtfully designed to give the best performance in this class. The handle operates the durable hydraulic pump. You will be required to add oil here.  You can use a dedicated jack oil  - ISO32 – but we use SAE30 four stroke oil without any trouble at all. So much so we heartily recommend it. Always maintain the oil level for perfect, smooth operation every time.

Belt and Braces: Axel Stands and Safe Working

Our 2.5-ton low profile jack is designed to perform – we know that you are counting on it.  In general it is not common practice to rely on the jack alone. We know how well these are tested and furthermore we have faith in our design.  However,  it is generally considered a part of a standard operating procedure to pair up your low profile jack with some 3-ton axel stands.  It’s a belt and braces approach really, and any experienced mechanic will tell you it is sound sense.  We couldn’t agree more.

Warranty: We Believe

We believe in our products, that’s why you have a two year warranty when you purchase from us at  That say’s it all really, aside from to mentioned that you also have an after-sales care team at your disposal during office hours. When they aren’t there to answer the phone, you can email any time – you will always receive a response.  They are based in Louth, Lincolnshire; the home of ParkerBrand (and quite a few cornfields!) and they are ready help you when ever your need it  - they’ll even take your order over the phone although it’s super easy to order online of course.  We’d be crazy to make it difficult.  Work safe, work smart, work with ParkerBrand.

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