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Adjust the Oil flow on your Chainsaw

Proper maintenance and care of any hardware is important. That's especially true of a petrol machine whether a powerful 52cc two-stroke such as we use here at ParkerBrand or a four stroke engine such as you might find on a generator, petrol pressure washer or petrol water pump. Oil is an essential aspect of any engine no matter what type - but with Chainsaws there's the added importance of proper lubrication between bar and chain.


Any of our range of two-stroke petrol chainsaws requires healthy lubrication at the business end of the machine, which stands to reason given that it's a metal chain on a metal bar. Correctly tensioned and oiled you'll see great performance and pleasing results.

We recommend using ParkerBrand chain oil with our saws simply because it's the perfect viscosity for our saws and you'll get great performance. The formula also provides high protection for your bar and chain.

Just how does it work?


Our manuals offer clear guidance on every aspect of the care and maintenance of your saw.

It's essential to ensure that enough oil is being fed onto your bar - if not your saw will overheat and cause very serious damage to the chain and bar as well as the sprocket and likely the chain brake mechanism too. It's not hard to get right but remember you're not on your own! If you do need advice your can call the after care team on 01507 499198 or drop them an email at [email protected]


Our PCS range use gravity fed pumps to feed the oil onto the bar. This means that when you have finished using your machine some oil will still be expressed from the bar - this is normal and expected. Before putting it away for storage, perhaps leave your saw to rest on your work-bench or on a piece of card for a little while, give it a wipe and pop it away.

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