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As Good As The Sum Of Our Parts

We all know the scenario:  you’ve bought a piece of kit, got it at a great price.  You get it bedded in and get some good use out of it for a couple of seasons. Then, you need a replacement part.  It’s like hide and seek on-line.  Big sigh.

Can’t find the manufacturers contact number?  Perhaps you can but they aren’t picking up the phone or replying to your email?  Maybe they don’t stock spares?  We’ve heard all this and more from people looking for parts.  Of course, not for OUR machines – that’s because we really show our integrity through our customer-centred service philosophy.

We know that some customers will need parts at some point.  It might be a part that needs replacing through wear and tear after long service or maybe it’s simply something such as replacement wire for your trimmer. We believe that making these available for customers is an important part of after-sales care.


Our regular customers (and there are many thousands of you now) will have seen great leaps forward in our website.  Easier and faster to use, it’s never been simpler to order what you know you need from ParkerBrand. The real shocker is that we have added almost 300 parts to the site over the last six months. You can rely on us to keep you supplied with parts that are perfect for your machine.


From chainsaws to Pressure washers, Multi-tools to Compressors we endeavour to keep as many spares as feasible. We list these on line complete with photographs and any relevant information. You can look under the listing for the tool and go down to spares or accessories or even simpler, just type into the search box and you should find what you need.


If you know what you need that’s great. If you’re not too sure, no problem at all.  You can call us up or email and we’ll happily confirm what you need.  Mark I, Mark II, spare chain or rubber shoe we’ll make sure that you are ordering the correct part.   If it isn’t on-line it generally means that we don’t stock it, but if you contact us, we may be able to help.


You can simply order the part that you need just as you would any other product. A couple of clicks and your payment info and it will be winging its way to you. Remember we can take PayPal as well as your Debit or Credit Card.

Above all else we want you to buy from us with confidence. The confidence that not only do you have the-back up of a Lincolnshire based after-sales service team, but that you are buying a machine that will last.  And if it needs something extra as time goes on, it will be available to you.

With our growing reputation for affordable tools that really do the job one thing really is for sure - we’re as great as the sum of our parts.  Nothing lasts for ever, but with care and attention and spars when called for,  it can certainly go the distance.

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