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E-10 Petrol: Fine by us.

Summer 2021

Here in the UK the standard E-5 petrol that we have all be buying for some time now will be replaced with E-10 petrol this summer.  This very simply means that the petrol will contain 10% renewable ethanol as opposed to 5%.

We do wish to assure you that the ParkerBrand range of petrol driven tools can be fuelled with this new petrol type.  It isn't a huge change, but it's certainly significant for the environment but not the utility of our range of machines.  It's perfect for use in our range of petrol pressure washers too, in fact,  the whole ParkerBrand range!

Two-Stroke Engines

Remember, like all two stroke machines, the fuel needs to be mixed with a standard two stroke oil at the right ratio.  This is always given in the manual of course and will always be detailed on the recoil starter unit of your machine. If you loose or mislay your manual, not to worry,  you can download the manual from the literature tab on the product page. We like to make things as easy as we can for our customers, that's for sure! We use and recommend semi-synthetic two stroke oil, and it can be mixed with the new E-10 petrol in the same way as ever and your machine will perform as expected by our design team. Fuel up!

Four Stroke

Our four stroke machines, such as generators and water pumps for example, don't require a mix of fuel and oil of course.  You can fill your tank with pure new E-10 petrol with confidence.  Simply be sure to fill your oil chamber with the appropriate oil - usually SAE-30 four stroke oil - they will continue to work beautifully in tandem to  ensure that you continue to get the best from your machine.

Here for You

Certainly our ParkerBrand team are here to help.  If you have any pre-purchase questions then you can contact us directly by email or indeed call us on 01507 499198. Any of the team will be happy to advise you.  Please do also check the video and literature tab where you will find guidance and information relating to the performance and utility of the machine as well as technical specifications.  If you'd prefer to speak with someone in person we welcome your call!




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