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Open and Ready to Serve

YES! We Are Open For Service

In these testing times we confirm we are able to continue to serve our customers.

  • We still have stocks of all of our popular Items
  • We will deliver to your home.
  • You can still call our customer Service team
  • You are welcome to call us to place your order or do so online.

The Garden Option

We Know it’s getting serious out there and we urge you to stay at home and certainly the best bet is to keep calm….and carry on with a host of jobs about the house.  We think you’ll agree that this is one way to keep things as normal and get ahead of the game for when this is over and life returns to normal.  Making sure you don’t get bored is essential and being productive brings the positivity we all need in our lives.

Getting out into the garden or your outside space is is a good idea for sure.  The Spring sunshine will lift your spirits and the Vitamin D that you get from the sunshine will certainly boost your immune system.


No Garden, No problem

Home DIY

If you don’t have garden - throw open the windows and get your face in the sun – it’s Spring after all.  You can certainly think of DIY tasks that might need doing (if you’re like me then there is always something to finish or get started).

We’ve got ladders to get you up to your loft – get that chaos sorted! If you fancy decorating and you’ve ordered in your paints, we’ll supply you with a ladder if you need it.  You’ve got time to dream up your project!

We’ve got plenty of drills should you need them – hammer drills and impact drivers make many tasks quicker and the result more attainable.  Ours are keenly priced and certainly fit for nay domestic task.

Hobby Time

DIY projects, hobby-building and myriad other things can help pass the time – one customer was building a giant jigsaw for the Kids- all of those can be achieved with any of our saws.


If you have a safe private area to work in you could always utilise some of our socket sets and tools to get some maintenance in – be it your car, motorbike or machinery in general you’ll find that the choice of tools is very wide.  Using high quality performance and casting they’ll be steadfast trustworthy fellas.

These are strange and testing times and we want to wish you all the best and tell you that we are here to serve you now and hope to in the future with the same verve, vivacity and dedication to getting it right.  Get busy folks and make amazing things - make your garden a thing of beauty so that summer gets its chance in your garden.  Spring has sprung in the most unlikely fashion but where ever you are, we wish you well.

The ParkerBrand Team.

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