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Our New Manual - Get More from Your Table Saw

The ParkerBrand PTS-250 Table Saw has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last six months and we’ve responded to feedback for a little more detail and further information in the manual. In true ParkerBrand tradition we’ve responded in a robust fashion!


The feature-packed brand-new PTS-250 manual is there to assist you in every aspect of the machine, from assembly to care and maintenance. These saws are really worth getting to know so that you can get the best from your machine.

The enthusiasm with which our table saw has been received across the UK and Western Europe has been a pleasure to witness and from your feedback we know you’re into them – clearly, table sawing isn’t boring!


The new manual now features:

  • An expanded and super-clear section on assembling your ParkerBrand table saw: There isn’t too much to do of course but you wanted more and here it is! Fully illustrated with colour photographs and step by step text to get you up and running in no time.
  • Operating Instructions: Like anything new to you, it’s worth getting to know your machine.The operating instructions are very clear, precise and informative with some great detailed photography.
  • A full parts diagram: Always good to know where things are or what they are called. We expect our saws to have long productive lives but where a part may need replacement.
  • Maintenance Schedule: Doing a few simple tasks will keep your saw in tip-top condition and will mean that you can be safe in the knowledge that when called upon your saw will give its best.
  • Technical specifications: All of the technical details for your machine have never been easier to reference.


The new manual also has a revised troubleshooting section that is a great one-stop reference for you if you have any hitches along the way. We don’t expect you have to have any problems with your saw. However, should it be the case, then you’re not alone.  We have a dedicated Customer Care Team based in Louth, Lincolnshire.  We’re here to help you should you need us. You can call us during office hours or email at any time. We’re right there for you.

You can find the user manual here.

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