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ParkerBrand Hedge Trimmers: It's a Spring Thing #1

Spring is here, and ParkerBrand are ready to supply you with all the tools and equipment you need to tackle all the gardening jobs you have to get done. It’s also the time, a bit like your author here, when D.I.Y projects get started. ParkerBrand are well stocked with a broad array of tools and equipment to get you on your way.

Today, we’re focussing on the ever-popular ParkerBrand PGHT-2600 Hedge Trimmer. With its robust twenty-four-inch robust alloy blades, our machine is built to get the job done.

The 26cc (1.7 horse-power) two-stroke engine is primed for action and is a tried-and-tested ParkerBrand favourite. Reliable and simple to start and use, you can see one in action in the short film below.

The 26cc operated with efficient grace there! You can see the blades are robust and whip through the shrubbery. This beauty also features a full 180-degree rotating handle for easier sweeps and more comfortable handling. So that’s 90 degrees to the left or right. If you prefer, you can also angle this at 45 degrees —just be sure not to do that when the engine is running!

Always be sure to check the hedgerow or shrubs that you are about to cut for wildlife. Here we mostly mean birds that are preparing to nest or have already done so. With all the challenges our feathered friends have it's more important than ever. You can find out far more here.

Check out the Manual

Check out the downloadable manual below to learn about every aspect of the machine. You’ll see it is easy to use and even maintain.

Competitive Price

If you click through to the product page, you’ll notice that we are, as usual, offering a fiercely competitive price. How do we do that? We work at and dispatch our equipment and machinery from our headquarters in Louth, Lincolnshire. We don’t have shops or work with third-party suppliers, which allows us to keep our prices very low indeed.

In contrast to this Spartan approach, we are always available to our customers. You can call us and speak to a person; no chatbots here! Our Sales and After Care teams will be happy to talk to you should you need any assistance.

We know that an old-school approach to looking after our customers coupled with cutting-edge technology to inform and deliver our popular tools and machinery is a combination that works and that our customers love!

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