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Prime Mover: 2" and 3" Water Pumps - New Manual and Tips for Use

Brand New Manuals for PPPW2000 and PPPW3000

ParkerBrand offer a range of water pumps which have become very popular over the last few years. We though that we'd take time to offer a wider view of these machines with some useful information that you may need to know before buying or indeed for when your pump arrives shiny and new!

Although simple and straight forward enough, using a water pump does require some key points of method and we'll focus on those here too.

The fully updated manual for both the two-inch and three-inch models can be downloaded here: 

PPWP-2000 and 3000 User Manual 2021

Pre-Purchase Considerations


A pump without hoses is no pump at all! We stock the correct sizes delivery hoses for your machine - 2 inch or 3 inch respectively. However, the intake hoses are not available from ParkerBrand. This is due to size and weight restrictions imposed by couriers. For sure the intake hoses are very readily available locally to you through well-known DIY stockists and indeed dedicated local suppliers. We recommend HARD -WALLED intake hoses as they are robust and the most effective.


We are not permitted to send any machine oiled through the delivery networks as it is considered, rightly, as hazardous material. You can order the required SAE-30 four stroke oil directly from us or you can buy it locally if you don't already have some at home. Most customers prefer to order with so that you have what you need right there in one go!

Operation: Pipe Work and Priming

Below you will find a reminder of a few basic steps when using your ParkerBrand water pump. These are in addition to the manual that you have with the machine or that you can download above.

First things first: Make sure that you have filled the oil port with SAE30 oil and have petrol in the petrol tank. I know. But you'd be surprised!

The intake pipe either needs to be both fully submerged in water and primed with lots of water. 




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