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The Importance of Preparation for Storage

Like the hard-pressed mammals that share our gardens and outdoor spaces, your two-stroke machine will need to ‘hibernate’  through the worst of the Winter!  Preparing your machine for storage is essential if you want it to work perfectly when spring arrives and there is work to be done.

Here we look at our 52cc engine which you can find on a broad array of our gardening products from the PGBC Brush Cutter and PGMT Multi-tool to the hard working PGEA Auger.  It’s also excellent advice for our range of leaf blowers and our PGHT hedge trimmers.  This simple step by step guide is simple common-sense advice for storing your machine correctly. We are sure it will be useful, especially to those who are new to this type of machine.  We strongly recommend it! Any two stoke engines.


  1. Firstly empty the fuel tank of the fuel mix. Use a funnel and be careful not to spill nay. We always pop down a bit of cardboard.  You’ll want to dispose of this fuel sensibly by taking it to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Be sure that you leave the cap off afterwards in order to ventilate the tank.
  2. Run your engine on idle until the carb is free of fuel and the machine stops. This is key.
  3. Give your machine a through clean in general including:
  • The air filters
  • The cutting head and guards
  • Clean the inside of your fuel cap and dry it
  • Clean and dry your spark plug

Be sure to store your machine in a well ventilated and dry place well out of the reach of children and curious pets!


It will mean that there is no fuel mix sat in the carb that will evaporate and leave a sticky two-stroke deposit that may very well block the fuel jets and cause a serious issue when starting your machine in Spring.

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