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Unboxing a PCS-6200 Petrol Chainsaw - What's in the box?

Drum-roll! By genuine popular demand here’s the first in a series of films that are being produced to make sure you guys are fully informed about our products.

Our man Frank likes to be on the anonymous side (he was once told he had a face for radio and never got over it!) and he’ll be doing the showing and Lloyd will be doing the telling. We hope that it will serve you well – you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re getting

Here, our production team thought they’d start with one of our best sellers, the PCS-6200 chainsaw. Frank will be showing us what you’ll expect to find when your speedily delivered box arrives. Meanwhile, Lloyd will be giving you the lowdown on this great work-horse of a chainsaw and making sure that the bounty in the box is exactly what you expect - all great quality, all ParkerBrand and far more for the money than you thought possible.

Importantly, you’ll also be able to watch films that will give you all the hints and tips you need to ensure that everything is assembled correctly in order to get the most out of our tools. We always say; “You don’t need to be a pro to give it a go!” - but it’s always better to be in the know.

Our production team are busy producing further films and as per usual the smart eyes are on ParkerBrand. We’ll be looking at key aspects of our machines – from unboxing to assembly. They are made for you so take a look.

 We don’t want you to be an audience in the end – we want you to be part of the show, using our tools and giving it a go

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