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Chainsaw Buying Guide

Chain sawing isn't boring! Don't get blinded by all the stats and bizarre facts.  Here at ParkerBrand we are all about cutting through the nonsense.  Making any kind of choice is difficult especially with all the information out there. It’s the same with saws.  We know you are an eager beaver and want to get eating up that wood, so here is our handy, useful buyers guide.  It will help make sure you get the right ParkerBrand chainsaw for your everyday tasks or grand designs. 

You know you are being cared for by ParkerBrand because ALL our chainsaws come complete with a carrying bag, fuel mix bottle, bar cover AND maintenance kit – no wonder the competition have their head in their hands!  All this, PLUS our two-year warranty and great customer service if you ever need back-up.

A chainsaw really needs to be respected they are obviously serious tools for serious work.  No one needs to be Rambo but you should genuinely consider your fitness levels – or take regular breaks to stay safe. More about safety a bit later on.  

What is a chainsaw?

Sharing is caring and here at ParkerBrand we are a bit obsessed with the chainsaws. So, what are they?  They are a super-efficient device for felling trees, cutting branches or cutting up wood.

So, what’s the chain of events?  

  • It uses fuel to drive an engine
  • The engine then powers a metal chain along a guide bar at a high speed
  • When the chain meets the wood, its teeth are dragged across the surface making a cut

They have a two-stroke engine that you can’t ignore – they aren’t exactly quiet. With no oil sump, the engine is lubricated by adding oil to the fuel at a set ratio. The clear advantage of a 2-stroke engine is that it is compact and lightweight. There’s a second oil in its own reservoir that’s vital for keeping both the bar and chain lubricated. Always keep the lubrication in mind as it’s an essential aspect of the machine.

The Engine

Size really does matter and ParkerBrand chainsaws come in a range of sizes complete with award winning engines.  In case you didn't know; engine sizes are measured in cubic centimetres (CC) – the higher the CC the higher the power.  A bigger CC will of course result in a heavier saw with a bigger bar and certainly won’t be as flexible in its use.

ParkerBrand saws start at 26cc all the way up to a commanding 62 CC. They are manufactured to our usual high standards and passed on to you with a full two-year warranty and a quality finish that has established our reputation as a terrific brand to keep an eye on.

What’s more we have a well-established and friendly customer service team that are always prepared to get any unforeseen issues resolved with ease and efficiency.

The Bar

So far, so good. Now, the bar. You should always carefully consider the length of the bar. The heavier the saw becomes the more difficult it is to handle; fatigue can become a factor as the chainsaw feels heavy over long periods of usage. So, consider your level of fitness and how long the periods are that you wish to work.                                                                                                              

Ideally your chainsaw should be a good 2 inches larger than the width of the tree or branch that you need to cut. If you would like to cut a 14″ tree in one pass then a 16″ guide bar is perfect.

So, what’s the deal with the bar size?

  • 10-inch - If you are tweaking the branches of your ornamental trees or similar kinds of delicate work such as topping off branches then this is perfect.
  • 16-inch – Really versatile and certainly agile. It's ideal for smaller logs and bigger branches and really is a brilliant all-rounder. A classic!
  • 18-inch – More range and more power in order to cut bigger logs and branches.
  • 20-inch - The bad boy 20-inch bar is for the serious heavy-duty work with hard woods when nothing else will do.  This is for large gauge timber and larger logs.


Okay, we’ve got the engine, we’ve got the right sized bar, but it all means nothing without the chain; the business end of the machine. So, how are they measured?  A chain is measured by its pitch and its gauge. Always remember: The pitch of the chain must be compatible with both the bar and the sprocket (the thing that moves or drives the chain)

You don’t have to worry about it too much.  As usual we’ve got it covered and made it easy.  Most our saw packages come complete with the saw chain and bar to get you going. 

We all know the world isn’t perfect and from time to time somethings can go wrong.  If you do need a part for a machine, we hold a broad range of spares for most needs along with help from our service teams to make sure the right part gets to you quickly with minimum fuss. 

The gauge is usually recorded on the bar of the chainsaw. It will usually show the number of links too.  But hey, ParkerBrand aren’t the weakest link and we’ll make sure that you aren’t either. Our saw packages come complete with both bar and chains that are always compatible. Some packages come with extra chains.  Rest easy though, we have a broad range of spares and accessories that are available to you on the website or you can enquire on the phone for a specialist or particular part.


Size really does matter and the weight of a machine is an important factor. The 26cc with a 10” bar is the lightest handling of chainsaws and really is for delicate pruning and preening and jobs that require ease of movement and reflect your dexterity.  The hefty beast of a 62cc with a 20” bar is going to steam into hardwoods with ease and require confident handling and depending on the length of use, a fair bit of physical endurance - but you don't need to be a pro to give it a go.


We are positive that you will like what you receive.  However, should it not be the case, don’t you worry.  As long as the product is new and unused you’ve got 30 days we’ll happily offer you a full refund without question. Our customer service team are there to help you – so don’t be afraid to get in touch with your questions.  You’ll always get a solid response from us, whether it’s an issue with an existing tool or questions about your purchase choices.

Work Safe!

We want you to make the right choice and feel confident that you have the right ParkerBrand Chainsaw to work with passion and pride and achieve the result that reflects your ability.  Of course, these are tools not toys so we want to be sure that you can work safely with your ParkerBrand product.  We always supply a handy electronic copy of the user manual complete with safety instructions for you to become familiar with.

Sensible precautions that you should take when operating a chainsaw include;

  • Wearing gloves (or even Kevlar gloves)
  • Wearing safety glasses
  • Having some kind of ear protection (ear defenders or plugs)
  • Chainsaw safety trousers

You can always check out our feature on Chainsaw safety here.  At ParkerBrand we love having a laugh, but when it’s time to get serious, we’re right on point.  Remember - you don't need to be a pro to give it a go and we're here to make sure that you have the kit to work like one.