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Get Trolley Carting!

Our trolley carts have a rich heritage! I was talking to my Uncle last week after he asked me about the garden trolleys that we sell (he wanted to know if one would fit in his car boot to take up to his allotment - they are the perfect size in case you wanted to know). Well, it seems that it stirred the memory somewhat.

He remembers making carts from old pram wheels and scrap wood. The prized rear wheels were often the subject of plenty of all account.... including raiding each other yards, stolen designs and jockeying for position on the best slopes. Our town of Louth Lincolnshire is positioned at the heart of the Wolds an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, no less - and certainly there are some extreme descents. Kid's were pretty fearless back then hey?

Our trolleys are durable but 70's style downhill slaloms aren't recommended!

Work Smart with a Travel Cart

So where you may have risked life and limb these days (like me) you might be wanting to avoid staggering about with a piles of stuff and putting your back out. Sure, the full range of trollies are great for working in the garden, perfect for the allotment and definitely a bit of a go to in general about the garden.

They are especially good for:

  • Transport garden tools and weeding sacks.
  • Move fire wood and BBQ essentials
  • Trundle your plants, vegetables and produce
  • Leaf mould and organic material for compost

Our folding trollies are at home at your place and store really well as they simply fold down in a flash (just a like a kid's buggy), we've a range of designs too, from pink to camouflage or a nice bright red - you won't loose that on a foggy day!

We should also point out that we do have a dedicated gardening trolley with super-useful drop down sides for easy loading and unloading and a heavier payload - we use ours for fire logs and transporting DIY materials as well as the stack of beer for the bank holiday BBQ.


Yep, even having done the school run, picked up from the play group and the still might be thinking transport when you're at the park, on the big day out, the beach, or the camp site. These are perfect. Whip it out of the boot, load the tribe and attendant baggage in to the trolley and you win. Keeping every one and everything together to find the best spot. Sorry tired Mums and Dad, you're too big! You still get an ice cream though.

Festival Time

Get to the campsite area with your act together before you go off to lose the plot and have the very best of weekends. Here in the UK do music festivals arguably better than anyone. We certainly have the biggest in the form of Glastonbury and we know they are popular there - our customers tell us so. With such massive sites, transporting tents, rucksacks and all the part essentials can be a trial. You see folk with wheel barrows, and we'll nod to that - but far better to have four wheels and all the stability that offers. Trundle along, set up camp, fold it down and store.

You never see these abandoned in the aftermath either, too good to leave behind, too useful to forget! What's not to love?

Dispatch and Warranty

We've got it covered. A decade into on-line trading and we're ahead of the curve. Working with the best and most prominent courier brands, we keep tabs on your order from the off with our tech systems and know that we can rely on the chosen couriers to deliver - and we collect the states to prove it and importantly carry on making sure that all is well.

Your two-year extended warranty is kept with us and should you ever need any advice the Lincolnshire based Customer Care Team will take care of you. You can call on 01507 499198 during office hours or drop an email if you need us. You won't go unanswered! We know that you are not just placing an order - you're placing your faith in us to and we have been in business for a decade, serving the UK and Western Europe for a very good reason: your faith in us isn't misplaced.

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