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Getting Started: Our 52 cc Engine

You’ve checked out descriptions on our website, you may have even examined the manual for your machine in advance (look under the ‘Literature’ tab on the product page) and you’ve placed your order. For sure we’ve dispatch quickly. Perhaps you ordered before 2pm on a week day, and we’ve dispatched the same day.

And here it is, shinning and ready to go! Like any new machine it pays dividends to get to know your machine.  Reading the manual is essential.  Pop the kettle on and have a read with a cuppa. We don’t suggest anything stronger of course – a cold beer is for when you’ve finished!

Fire it Up:  Starting Procedure

Pre-Flight checks:

Be sure to check that your fuel mix is at 40:1. Use the mix bottle provided.  We do not recommend premixed commercial products.  Our machine will always give the best performance mixing one part two-stroke oil to forty parts fresh petrol.

We can certainly say that our machines are reliable starters in general and you may want to quickly check the video below to see how to fuel and start your machine correctly.

Trouble Shooting: Starting Solutions

We don’t expect you to have any issues, we want to be clear about that.  But being prepared for the unexpected is just smart and we sure that you’ll agree.

As my father is fond of saying 'don't bring me problems, bring me solutions' - and that is a shared ethos here. Like any new machine it takes a short while to become familiar with the tool.

If your machine happens to fail to start, then we can certainly recommend the following procedure. It has very likely flooded due to your unsuccessful starting attempts.

1. Take out the spark plug and pull the recoil (starting rope) 6-8 times with the choke in the DOWNWARD position.  

2. Dry and replace the spark plug.

3. Prime the engine 6 times. 

4. Set the choke in the SKYWARD position.

5. Pull recoil.  It certainly should start.  Do this aa maximum of THREE times and no more.

6. If it doesn't start, move the choke in the DOWNWARD position.

7. Pull recoil till it starts.

The film below will guide you through the procedure.

Sparkplug: Is it A-Okay?

Is your spark plug sparking? You can check this in a straight forward manner:

  1. Remove the plug.
  2. Keep it plugged into the spark plug cable.
  3. Ground it on to a metal surface.
  4. Start and check if sparks are produced.
  5. .If they are blue, the spark plug is ok - if the sparks are yellow or there is no spark at all then the spark plug is past it's prime and will need to be replaced.

75% of starting issues are resolved by replacing the spark plug if the machine has been started before. If you can see it has been carbonated (it's looking blackened in anyway) it's a good sign that it needs to be changed. It may still produce a weak spark but not enough to start your machine. Check out the film below.

Customer Care

We have a team in Louth, Lincolnshire whose principle job is to take care of things for customers. You can call them during office hours or drop them an email anytime. They can't give detailed technical advice over the phone but can certainly make sure any issue is dealt with in liaison with our technical department. Those oily pros know our machines inside out (literally) and they are the heart of our organisation.

No-one wants you to feel frustrated at all and we are always ready to help whether in warranty or out. We put faith in our machines and our expanding team and so by logical extension you can certainly have faith in ParkerBrand.

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