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Our New Brushcutter and Multi-Tool Manuals

Our All-New Manuals

Our Graphic Design team have been working as hard as ever to produce a new manual for the recently updated PGBC-5200 Brush Cutters 

There haven't been any dramatic changes to the tried tested and true brush cutter/trimmer as they are one of our most popular model.

All we have really done is simplify the way that both the three toothed blade and the spool fit!  Our new manuals are comprehensive and certainly cover every aspect of the machine from popping it together, operation and essential maintenance. It's all there to help you get the most from your machine.  Happy Working!


You can find the new manual here:

PGBC-5200 Manual 2021


You can find the new manual here:

PGMT-5200 Manual 2021


No doubt your machine will be working hard to get your garden into shape. Here at ParkerBrand we know that at times you're going to need some accessories to keep you up and running and we'd never expect our customer to have to trawl around looking for them.  We have a full range for our Brushcutters including trimming wires, spools, blades and oils.  It's the same with our Multi-tools.

Should you need our help in any way then you are very welcome to call our customer care line in Louth, Lincolnshire and they will be very happy to assist you.


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